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Battle for Middle Earth

OP mordor mirror vs Peak

#1FlashJack  Dec 11 2007, 16:17 PM -
Replays: 41 Game:
this was some fucking good game vs peak, when i saw WK was his first naz i was just like 'wtf', i didn't know what 2 make of it, i guess that put him in advantage cos he kept killing all my orcs and kept that part of the map without any problems

anyway after loosing my army somehow at late game i thought that was the end but it was really only the beginning ohmy.gif

non-stop action, WP peak, best game we've had i think smile.gif

review as soon as u can, thanks
#2Peak  Dec 11 2007, 19:08 PM -
Replays: 29 Game:
Yep - really good game tbh. And i was confused on how to use WK to itīs full potential too at that stage as it was the first time i tried it. I think i could have done way more with it - ui damn a lot of ideas spreading out in my head now biggrin.gif

Just can really bite myself for loosing that - i just got sooooo inpationed at the end because i was 40 mins late on an appointment that i tried spamming orcs even though i had full CP frusty.gif Sry for dropping the rating here below the bar sad.gif

And now that i got to that appointment my head was just spinning around that game the whole time and it was useless anyway tongue.gif

Fucking hell i hate loosing games because of that happy.gif

Iīm really frustrated now tbh cry.gif So everyone write something nice to make me feel better innocent.gif
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#3Axcell  Dec 11 2007, 20:37 PM -
Peak's mordor always is inventive,
mordor still hasn't shown all it's strategies.
#4FlashJack  Dec 28 2007, 16:11 PM -
Replays: 41 Game:
could i get a review some time soon for this game please
#5-Sebra  Dec 30 2007, 23:42 PM -
Replays: 39 Game:
I'm gonna do this one smile.gif
#6-Sebra  Dec 31 2007, 02:18 AM -
Replays: 39 Game:
Done and wubbed. Great game guys smile.gif
#7Smart  Dec 31 2007, 07:11 AM -
Replays: 3 Game:
vgg, wp and worth a wub ! smile.gif
#8Peak  Dec 31 2007, 11:45 AM -
Replays: 29 Game:
Thx for nice review!

By the way - imo in mordor mirrors itīs much better to stay defensive in most part as attacking orcs will die easily keeping you with more orcs to go for earlier creeping smile.gif
#9FlashJack  Dec 31 2007, 13:46 PM -
Replays: 41 Game:
u don't need 2 lure the warg out with 1 orc if ur gna creep with 3 wacko.gif

+ i know about this, sometimes i like to mass them up and go with 4-5 since sometimes in mor mirrors it's better 2 kill the wargs too and take the mill so u get a faster naz

mostly i go with 3 but i like to go with 4-5 if i have the chance sometimes

btw this was easy rotw, u didn't give it because u don't like mor mirrors and u don't think they are much fun

thx 4 the review
#10-Sebra  Dec 31 2007, 14:23 PM -
Replays: 39 Game:
I know you know that wacko.gif. I just mentioned it. Why are you requesting a review, when you are complaining then. 0wn3d.gif
Ofc I didn't give it because of the MU. RotW says nothing (or not so much) but about the entertainment factor and since I can barely be entertained by a Mordor mirror I didn't give it.

Np. smile.gif Well I guess like in most situations, it is personal what you like better and what fits better to your style of playing.
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