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Battle for Middle Earth

JR vs LoM, Gon/Mor vs Roh/Isen

#1FlashJack  Dec 19 2007, 22:37 PM -
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great CW vs genub and freedom, entertaining game, lot's of back n forth action, one point we were gonna win and then they were gonna win, it was kinda mad. kinda annoyed with my WK dieing 2 times, it wasn't my fault sad.gif

CB owns!!

gg lom

#2FreedomX10A  Dec 19 2007, 23:11 PM -
quite garbage for me.
#3FlashJack  Dec 20 2007, 00:15 AM -
Replays: 41 Game:
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#4purpose  Dec 20 2007, 15:11 PM -
quite garbage for me.

Everything is as usuall I see whistling.gif biggrin.gif

Nah just kidding Freedom. This sounds like a fun watch tbh, will take a look when I get home from work.

EDIT: Amazing game tbh, I really thought Rohan was out there but the save was in the last min tbh biggrin.gif

Very fun watch.

But Maia whats up with those two combos early? And how could it not be your fault losing the WK the first time whistling.gif You could have saved him easy tbh biggrin.gif
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#5Yardang  Dec 20 2007, 19:31 PM -
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Good game and very fun to watch. Only just say that the early game of Isen/Rohan team really sucks. They are the forces of rush and didnt do it 0wn3d.gif Do u think fast lurzt is the best strat vs mordor?
Congratz guys for the game. Wubbed! happy.gif
#6FlashJack  Dec 20 2007, 20:13 PM -
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lol purpose the cita only needed 1 more hit, so i went for it thinking maybe i would get away but i didn't sad.gif

early combos is just a little something i been trying out lately, sometimes i upgrade them and go with 4 trolls and attack real fast b4 isen has upgrades, then bring a drummer and more combos

this time i just made them to steal the troll lair from lurtz, they would have if i was 5 sec earlier sad.gif and i only make them if i get a rank 2 orc at the start

and yardang yes lurtz rush is a very good strat vs mordor

thx for comments/wub
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#7purpose  Dec 20 2007, 21:35 PM -
Yea I figured you wanted to get the citadel down. But tbh by going for it it was your fault you lost the WK whistling.gif biggrin.gif Though perhaps it was worth it though so pretty good move still biggrin.gif

lol well but I think you could have continued out the back of his base. That way you probably would have been able to get out without him getting those final shots in.

#8FlashJack  Dec 20 2007, 22:52 PM -
Replays: 41 Game:
ye it's easy 2 say that now wink.gif
#9k3anU  Dec 21 2007, 05:06 AM -
Replays: 46 Game:
truly entertaining game to watch... i was really in suspense watching this match. i would say MU played a big factor in this game, but that is just a technicality. truly impressive play by both clans. Exactly what should happen with this type of mu i think? But still nice execution and unbelievable survival by rohan. Very intense i am sure; well that was how i felt when i was watching. tongue.gif

simply put alsome replay

#10purpose  Dec 21 2007, 07:21 AM -
lol well Maia of course its easy to say after. But thats part of the fun to be able to see afterwards what would have been a better move etc. Think we all know that in game even the most obvious move can be hard to spot with everything that is going on.

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