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Battle for Middle Earth

Roh vs Gon vs Sammy

#1FlashJack  Feb 2 2008, 14:08 PM -
Replays: 41 Game:
just wanted 2 post this CW i had 2day and it's not a show off rep or anything, i just wanna show people a good way 2 deal vs a gtw rush

it's a decent game, nothing big but will probably be quite useful 2 some players out there

i played kinda sloppy with a few of my heros towards the end (it was either that or his host lol), there was a moment at the OP my LD heros were kinda far from my rohirrim so i lost a bat sad.gif

and i also got so distracted by his gtw that i lost some MC, but got it back anyway

and also he didn't use heal on his gtw (altho i was probably too strong for him at that moment even if he lived)

so anyway gg sammy --- not a show off replay i need 2 post replays as expert much more
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#2k3anU  Feb 2 2008, 17:31 PM -
Replays: 46 Game:
nice game... i am not sure how much it will help us cus u both generally used no standard strats but still nice game to watch.

#3BcVcB  Feb 3 2008, 01:09 AM -

Replays: 46 Game:
Thx for this new expert replay, Maia smile.gif

Sammy, is there a reason for always (not exaggerating) building statues too early? eyebrow.gif Before watching this replay I already knew that it would happen here again...
#4d_n_a  Feb 3 2008, 09:07 AM -
Replays: 32 Game:
loosing a batt knight in early stage,could not use heal on gtw ,no fighting overall,ppl which says gg to this must be blind
#5FlashJack  Feb 3 2008, 11:20 AM -
Replays: 41 Game:
i only posted it 2 help people know what 2 do against gtw rushes and so on, it wasn't really a great game, i just need 2 post replays that will help others

if u can't see what im tryna do here then don't post and keep ur opinions 2 urself please
#6Sammyman  Feb 3 2008, 12:38 PM -
Replays: 94
one of my worst games ever and my mistakes cost me the game.

If i had healed my gtw i would of been fine as i had just killed lego.
does not show a any real counter for gtw as eowyin and lego were killed and the only reason he died is because i didnt heal him.
#7FlashJack  Feb 3 2008, 15:14 PM -
Replays: 41 Game:
eomer and lego don't get killed just like that, not even 1 hero should die when u got all that, it was just me having them kinda distant from my army and not being able 2 move them on time

the army with those heros is indeed a counter 2 gtw, whether he died or not, u couldn't take it on with gtw and horses, like just over half ur health is already gone when i do legos hawk strike and the 2 spheres, ara will hurt u bad if u try 2 istari or blast and the rohirrim will deal great damage on him smile.gif
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