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Battle for Middle Earth

exp vs aTTaX, 2v2 cw

#1FlashJack  Feb 11 2008, 14:08 PM -
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this one wasn't as shit as the previous one i posted but some nice gtw laming smile.gif


review 4 sammy plz
#2Robbie  Feb 22 2008, 21:16 PM -
Il do this if you really want a review for it smile.gif
#3Robbie  Feb 28 2008, 20:33 PM -
Done. Sorry for the wait.
#4Axcell  Feb 29 2008, 15:08 PM -
I don't think he was waiting on it velve.

Faramir is definately needed if u want to take down mordor mills, Only thing Boromir can do early is creeping and gondor needs some units/hero on the field to aid rohan against mordor eye. If you get mordor and want to do a combo rush rohan should somehow be able to > gondor knights + eye, otherwise a combo rush doesn't work at all. I was just a bit slow at the end spamming Ra's, so we lost the attack and my rohirrim micro was just sad.gif . Gondor mordor> gondor rohan in lategame so in order to win this either a fast combo rush should happen or gondor taking middle getting combo's + trebs/gandy, or gandy before all that if Fara got 2PP and rohan getting ups theoden and then argorn + Ra's. But that's at risk of mordor having WK or too many trolls and opponents gondor having gandalf/trebs. Gondor mordor just owns combo's lategame and ofhost doing the trick with RA's and gandy isn't always possible.
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