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Battle for Middle Earth

maia vs sjosty, gon vs isen

#1FlashJack  Mar 8 2008, 17:11 PM -
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decent game vs sjosty, bit of sloppy knight micro, the first one that died i rly thought i sent it back and the other one my eagles caught it ahaha

anyway a good demonstration of the start and the strat

watch, learn, enjoy biggrin.gif
#2sjosty  Mar 8 2008, 20:17 PM -
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i cant even remember this game mellow.gif
#3tomac  Mar 10 2008, 15:20 PM -
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I admire your gondor skills Maia drol.gif This game was perfectly played by you. Sjosty had a hard game and didn't play his best game I guess.

Wubbed as usual biggrin.gif
#4FlashJack  Mar 10 2008, 15:36 PM -
Replays: 41 Game:
thx tomac, i too think he didn't play his best but nvm
#5Falcon^  Jun 19 2008, 12:35 PM -
I am going to do a review for my RR application. smile.gif
#6Falcon^  Jun 19 2008, 13:52 PM -
Game Overview:

This is a quite entertaining game with a very nice Gondor start, which gives Isen a very big disadvantage, but Isen manages to come back with early wargs and good creeping. When Gondor lost one of his horses then, the game seems to turn, but in the end, Gondor manages to win with excellent micro.

[eXp]aCe^ (West) - Gondor

BO: farm+barracks, 2 outside farms, 2 farms, stable, soldiers, shields+upgrades, later soldiers+tg, GtW
PP Use: Land, Elves, Heal, Eagles, GtW

-managed to take down both mills
-nice Pippin use at the start
-good placement of land
-early soldiers to counter his pikes
-nice use of elves summons
-awesome micro in most parts of the game

- you lost one of your horses very early to his pikes
- be careful that the eagles don't kill your own units, you lost one horse sad.gif

my rating: 8/10 (very few mistakes)

FoD}Sjosty (East) - Isengard

BO: Pit, Mills, Furn, Urukspam, Pikes, Furns, Wargs, Furns, Armory, Lurtz
PP Use: WC, Industry, Palantir, devestation

-you repaired your mill with your workers
-you managed to destroy one of his farms
-you creeped very early with uruks
-fast wargs to wipe out his soldiers

- you took industry, maybe tainted land would be better to counter his third land
- you have to be more careful with your wargs, do not fight something, you cannot win against (main mistake)

My rating: 6/10 (some mistakes)

All in all:
I think this is a very good game, both players played quite good, but Isen did not use his units in a good way and lost his wargs too often. Gondors brilliant micro made him win this game without problems.

One level 10 horse bat and 2 times Eagle summons. biggrin.gif

Entertaining: 7/10
Average player rating: 7/10

All in all: 7/10 + wubbed wub.gif

~ Falcon^
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#7FlashJack  Jun 19 2008, 14:11 PM -
Replays: 41 Game:
oh cool review

ye like i said in my first post, i rly thought that i sent that knight back and i kinda laughed at the one that died 2 my eagle when i watched the rep lol

i like the layout of this review, people should use this one more often

good job smile.gif
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#8Robbie  Jun 19 2008, 22:22 PM -
I used to prefer this layout aswell, but we have to stick to the crappy template to make gr look more proffesional sad.gif.

Cool review though thumb.gif
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