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Battle for Middle Earth

me butta and exp vs some random guys, fun game lol

#11RevilOtisaM  Feb 12 2009, 00:29 AM -
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Both top isens were really good, but you gotta give props to top middle...boy was throwing down.
#12bembs  Feb 12 2009, 13:51 PM -
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it was indeed a good game biggrin.gif enterteining. but i also have to say that the gondor m8 of ark and orange whobplayed 3/4 of the game really sucked.he never healed their heroes etc he did nothing but shit. tongue.gif gg though.

I agree. Although it was a good game, it really was a 2vs3 game, as top gondor did absolutely nothing but giving away pp.
That mine owning lurtz in the end was hilarious laugh.gif
#13Earendil  Feb 15 2009, 11:36 AM -
isen ownage =o
#14VAPORIZ3R  Feb 21 2009, 14:07 PM -
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I watched this game. Now if you could tell from watching game that it was a handicaped game. Top left red, the Host. He had no idea what he was doin. For longest time he didnt make a single archer. If was a good player you delete the things you dont need. If the other 2 guys had a good team m8, I think they would had better chance
#15Soyusz  Apr 20 2009, 21:31 PM -
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Well... I am the top guy and i have nothing to say more than that it was one of my first matches and I really didn't now what to do tongue.gif

Anyway, It was fun to discover after a year or so that someone talked about me, even if you guys are saying that i suck xD
#16Earendil  Dec 8 2017, 17:20 PM -
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