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Battle for Middle Earth

2v2 cw vs potc, dbl roh vs roh/isen, pretty gg

#1FlashJack  Aug 31 2008, 01:56 AM -
Replays: 41 Game:
me and miho as double rohan vs velve and chyna rohan/isen. things were becoming really repetitive at 1 point, we just kept on attacking isen over and over again, and it started becoming useless and boring, attacking then retreating and losing rohirrim to WC/palan, off host makes it even more frustrating (altho it did help that chyna's host is pretty decent) but then it got real hot when i managed to break 2 of rohan's walls, then both rohan's got GC...

quite an action packed game, worth a watch, enjoy

#2k3anU  Sep 6 2008, 16:43 PM -
Replays: 46 Game:
gg... I have seen other players copy this strat from u guys. lol
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