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Battle for Middle Earth

[R] Gondor vs isen

#1Axcell  Oct 23 2006, 14:17 PM -
Taterz was sick, nevertheless he was able to play a good game.
I rewacthed this one and i think it's worth to post. So far this is my best gondor vs isen game I think.

GG, but somewhat laggy

We'll re another time.

#2Taterz  Oct 23 2006, 16:14 PM -
Replays: 8 Game:
yeah was a gg, ty for mentioning me being ill btw laugh.gif i think i need a week in bed sad.gif lol sorry 4 the lag, i was so close to rank 10 gandy in the end sad.gif i played horrible though, lost my precious knights to easily dry.gif
#3PlaTy  Oct 23 2006, 19:31 PM -
gg, from two my favourite players smile.gif
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#4Taterz  Oct 23 2006, 20:06 PM -
Replays: 8 Game:
wub.gif platymoma tongue.gif
#5Grenness  Oct 23 2006, 20:08 PM -
Replays: 40 Game:
lol taters laugh.gif ur isen is better now?
#6tommynt  Oct 23 2006, 20:30 PM -
Replays: 23
I ll review this one, not sure when.

Maybe now unsure.gif
#7tommynt  Oct 23 2006, 22:03 PM -
Replays: 23
review by tommynt

ShadowAndF1ame (Gondor on left) vs Entraxz (Isen on right)
Verion: 1.03
Map: Fords of Isen

ShadowAndF1ame (Gondor on left)

Bo/ strat: furn, farm, Stables, 2 horses, disband stable fill with furn, soldier spam, Gandalf

+ good horsemicro
+ decent Gandlaf micro
+ could hold half map like all game

- no Horseshields, u was badly missing em
- horrible eco and expensive horses early
- too few tg mixed to solders
- u should get full mapcontrol before attacking
- summon eagles right above combos

Comments: I m not to sure what to say on your game. Your micro was really decent. But your strat got huge flaws imo. A 2nd Farm in base before stables is a must imo and no HS did hurt u so much, 1. u was never able to attack his nonprotected (apart few towers) base, after his combos badly pawned your Knights and even lvl 9 Knights were useless in battles.
U should spam soldiers all over map not stack em that much- stacked soldiers are a great target for wargs. Try spam em all over map and mix TG to get full mapcontrol. Some good moments with Gandalf but then Isen did horrible in avoiding and pinning him.
GJ fighting pikes in melee with Knights. With wasting a bit less units and espacially the summoned eagles u d have won kinda easy.

Rating: 6

Entrax (Isen on right):

Bo/Strat: pit, 2 mills, 3 uruks, 2 furn, 2 xbows, some pikes, wargs, ups, heros, combos

+ 3 uruks > 2 soldiers in wood
+ got some creeps with xbows
+ upgardes just in time
+ very good use of Saruman lvl up on combos
+ decent micro in fights taking trebs out fast
+ balrog wiping Gandi while casting

- very late exra workers
- horrible formation use like all game
- way to few pikes gave his Knights easy time
- no palantir
- warg use
- way too late siege weapons
- horrible fighting vs Gandi
- no rain (cancal Gandlaf ls d have been ownage in fights)

Comments: Your overall game can very good be described as bit above medium. U did watch basics and maintained allways some mapcontrol and got therefore this unbeatable close to popcap army. But then there are lot of cons and flaw in your strat. U should spam pikes to like every mill and have wargs rdy to help out at any time to not get beaten by melee!
Your pikes were often so slow in goin into formation; when getting melled try running away a bit and go fast into formation once knights follow u. Wargs should not run round in wedge formation, this mistakes made u loose a shit load of em to Gandalf, basicly wargs have no use vs Gandalf, just stay FAR away from him. Lurz should be hunting him together with 3 bat pikes all over map, not get hunted himself. You just had way too often very bad judgement about being able to kill him or not. I really suggest u to read my guide and follow it a bit more.

Rating: 6

General Notes on the game: A bit above medium skilled game with both players doing no huge mistakes but having kinda big flaws in strat/micro. Kinda action packed with some good battles makes a entertainment rating of 6 and therefore ROTW contender.

Overall Score: 6

New ratings used
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#8Axcell  Oct 23 2006, 22:16 PM -
Thnx man,

Rain, doubted it very much since he had only gandalf LD and I wanted to reach my pop cap.
#9Taterz  Oct 24 2006, 11:57 AM -
Replays: 8 Game:
ty tommy, i didnt know what to do that game tbh, i had no real strat, just spamming to w/e he spammed and u know how much i hate wargs tommy tongue.gif
#10tommynt  Oct 24 2006, 17:16 PM -
Replays: 23
Imo is Isen eco usually so good in endgame that that rain is just worth it.

Also dont forget that this mu is very often a pp fight, with rain u ll loose less units and kill more in fights, thats your prime target.
Killing more units as loosing. Spaming loads of units but loosing a lot of em same time is basicly your major mistake in this game Axcell.
That way he got aod kinda easy. With him not loosing Gandalf and wasting eagles there was no way for u to win vs aod that early imo.
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