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Battle for Middle Earth

Welcome to the Show - Gondor Isen vs Gondor Mordor

#1ValsaDoom  Nov 1 2021, 03:12 AM -
Top left, Bwel playing Mordor
Bottom left, Yoshi playing Gondor


Top right, Karuskas playing Isengard
Bottom right, Showmaker playing Gondor

Bwel as Mordor started with 3 mils thank you very much Mr Yoshi, and even if War-Chant has been cast on the Huruks and both the Soldiers for the right team units after the first few minutes of this game, the left team brought down 4 buildings vs 3, looks like this gonna be a bashing club night, better get your popcorn!

Later while Showmaker had the nerves to built a farm next to enemy Bwel preventing him of his fast eco starting strategy, Yoshi had set his soldiers into a dancing mode around Karuskas's mil, this one had absolute zero skill in dancing, his other mil was available for quite a time and none of those Isengard's Orc laborers of his dare took the floor, Nerds! Well played Yoshi, that helped slowdown Isengard's economy.

Then knights came from both sides, going into a competition of who creep most and faster, but Yoshi benefited of Bwel's eye and with that came easy level up, that means after only few minutes Yoshi had knights level 2 versus Showmaker's naked knights on the field. Simultaneously Karuskas had his Lurtz out, and manage to bring him to level 3 fast, with the help of Bwel feeding him with orcs. Note that Karuskas was careful not to use cripple arrow or carnage vs orcs, keeping both skills has last resort, you never know when you could come face to face with full ups knights, and atm Yoshi had plenty of those all around the map, and there was nothing to stop them, since the Isengard player decided to go fast Saruman, pikes will have to wait!

With much leadership form his Mordor team-mate, Yoshi opted for more ups and units, while his alter-ego Showmaker opted to go all-in with Gandy the Grey, seconds later one set of Yoshi's knights met their faith when crossing path with the wizard, but who cares nobody will remember their names.

Seconds later I could see that Showmaker built a stable, but then no knights were ordered, and has for the upgrades in the BS... none zero... then it came to me, the mid camp is still available, I took a look there, the poor hidden hobbit got put to bed early, this is for grown up only, good night Pipin this is the Grey wizard late show now!

Since this is going to be that way, Yoshi sent his GTW to the after party, while Bwel provided bodyguards, not very experimented but big and tall and very intimidating, all of a sudden I realized that Showmaker's Gandy was from now on White!

The next confrontation in front of Bwel's base is a masterpiece and should be put has academic use for every one.

3 Isengard's combos with Saruman and Lurtz(Karuskas) and a sole GTW(Showmaker) going West facing 7 or 8 trolls + 2 Drummers(Bwel) and 2 Knights and a GTW(Yoshi), all knows it is very hard to control the trolls properly in order to catch a GTW, so Bwel had to be extra careful but the combos were going foward, so in order for him to attack properly, Yoshi sent his GTW all the way behind enemy lines and while all eyes were on the white Wizard, the trolls went on a rampage mode, since only an expert can counter an other, thinking his team had the upper hand Yoshi sent his GTW into the combos in order to make a blast, to bad the trolls did not get to Saruman first, half of em got wormtongue, but Karuskas was not done with Yoshi, his Lurtz manage to pined down the wizard, and the highlight of the night was from Showmaker using both, Bolt and Istary after Pipin it was now time for Gandy to go to bed, good night white wizard!

The problem with wormtongue is that it only last until it doesn't, and so Bwel got most of his trolls back and manage to put some precious PP at the bank, then while Showmaker was having an ovation else where for his GTW, Bwel sent his troop to the middle, Trolls, Drummers, Mummakil and ofc the WK, then cast Darkness, made only few damages and the show was postpone when GTW returned. Bwel gets ready again and only few orcs and a sole Mumma, we could hear some booh! Oooh! In the crowd and when the rain was cast, the show had to be postponed again.

This time Bwel asked Yoshi to make a diversion and attack Isengard's base, but his Gandy did not want to miss the next show, to bad the white wizard fell asleep before the end, good night Gandy! Again at the same time and in the same pyjamas.

And when rain was cast, some one had to make new plans for the next event.
Who said Mummakils? Yes Mummakils were sent, but with so many of em, this show had all the looks of a circus.

Have to admit those Mummakils are a bit scary, so the next event was brought at Yoshi's house, Trebs, Eagles, combos and many more, the place was crowed and too loud, then parts of the walls and the citadel collapsed, what a shame, it comes here uninvited and it brakes everything! Too bad Yoshi's Gandy's comeback will have to wait some more. Some trolls acting has doormen had to kick the unwanted guests off the property.

All these late night shows, mostly perform by Bwel, gave him many PP, so many he could afford the Rog, and so he did and took out the middle stage, I mean camp, all the while Karuskas was having a Rog of his own too, and this time he did not care for the doormen, his friend was bigger and took the whole place down, send the bill later! Yoshi sent some knights to the middle and buys the camp before the tickets were sold out, thx to Bwel!

But something went very wrong, Mummakils could only enter this place from the back door! With no vip passes how can Bwel support his ally with such a detour? And so this was it for the Gondor player, good night Yoshi!

Bwel surrendered too, GG.

Lose with Honor, win with Glory!

MVP imo is Bwel in this replay.

Congratulations to Showmaker and Karuskas for their Victory!

*Such a great performance thx for the show!
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