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Battle for Middle Earth

[Rating]Mordor mirror on Fangorn Forrest

#11Jiho  Jul 16 2007, 13:01 PM -
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QUOTE(shauling @ Jul 16 2007, 15:45 PM) *

loooong game.
tbh you could fast forward to balrogs and watch it from there

i liked the cita rush by gerr, really effective, especially how you got his outpost one too.. naz was a nano second from being out.
jiho, you made tonnes of mistakes tbh, with the faster WK and drummer LD i reckon you could of won a lot sooner, heres a few mistakes i can remember:
a lot of the time your combos were out of LD range from WK/drummers.
you left his base with 3 buildings whilst your balrog just stood there, you could of easily taken it down.
protect your catas, you had enough catas in one attack to take all his combos but you left them alone.
you used darkness before you made your attack, you should wait and use it at the right moment.

thats what i rememberd from the game.. gerawr you made a few mistakes but nothing too major.

quite entertaining during the final stages

Yes i know Shauling, thanks for your comment also.
I said to Gerrard in game that i was so dumb to cast my first darkness too soon. When i was gonna attck him with drummer LD he casted his Darkness while i have to wait for mine. If i could cast my darkness at the first battle below middle i could have won the battle because i had drummer.
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#12EV1L  Jul 16 2007, 13:34 PM -
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i really wub.gif mordor mirror always action and if u are a player u need 2 take an eye(of sauron) on whole map, but i still need sum teaching so i will also watch this biggrin.gif
#13Keidy  Jul 16 2007, 16:30 PM -
QUOTE(AniMatoR @ Jul 16 2007, 12:26 PM) *

keidy mordor mirrors are 1 of the most funnest match-ups in a 1v1

mainly because they are so intense, non-stop action and so many orcs and like gerr said, freedom to move around the map as much as u want smile.gif

Why do i get the feeling you often dont read a posts to the end befor you answer? post-13661-1143531603.gif
This is not the first time you post a reply that is completely off. Or did you just misunderstand it this time? unsure.gif

You dont have to tell me mirrors are fun etc. I fucking LOVE mordor mirrors tbh wub.gif
#14Gerrard  Aug 2 2007, 23:02 PM -
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PLS some kinda rating on this mordor fuck fest. was a very gg, one of my faves
#15Keidy  Aug 3 2007, 05:44 AM -
QUOTE(Gerrard @ Aug 2 2007, 23:02 PM) *

PLS some kinda rating on this mordor fuck fest. was a very gg, one of my faves

Watched this yesterday, a very nice game indeed.

At one point thou, this map is just to much for me, it kinda gets boring after a while. Its hard enough on a map like fangorn, were the rog is needed to finish it, but with all the OP´s on Fangorn, the game just goes on far longer then it should post-13661-1143531603.gif
At the point were one of the players leave, i still think the game could go on for a while so.

Non the less, very well played, both players knew what they were doing.

On the top of my head, i would rate this to 6, simply cuz I dont dare giving it more without giving it another watch.
Could easily be at least an 7 thou. Very well played game with few mistakes, both players knew when to fight and when to pull back. Some nice moves on both sides and different strats used, simply a good mirror.

GG Guys thumb.gif

edit: Some things drag the rating down a bit thou, like Gerrards PP usage. After rog, its non existant. Not that cash was that big of a problem, but with bases going to left and right, Jiho simply had more cash, and could re build faster. post-13661-1143531603.gif
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#16Gerrard  Aug 3 2007, 20:44 PM -
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lol, yea after rog I just kinda stopped with my pp's. Was really dumb, but i thought I had him beat.
#17d_n_a  Aug 3 2007, 21:29 PM -
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most boring map,most boring mirror
#18Gerrard  Aug 3 2007, 21:30 PM -
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your boring, I thought I told u 2 behave?
#19d_n_a  Aug 3 2007, 21:35 PM -
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be clever or ı will cut your long tongue
#20Gerrard  Aug 3 2007, 21:37 PM -
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stop making my replay topic look messy.

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