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Battle for Middle Earth

SoulWings (Gondor) vs StoneLord (Mordor)

#1Daemon  May 1 2006, 18:01 PM -
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SoulWings (Gondor) v StoneLord (Mordor)

Map: Fords of Isen


SoulWings (Gondor)
Build Order: 2 Farms + Pippin, Farms, Blacksmiths, Stables, Knights, Well, Horse Shields, Boromir, Faramir, archery Range, Marketplace, Archers, Fire, Rangers, Banner, Gandalf
PP: Heal, Elven Allies, Gandalf the White

thum.gif Good use of early soldier formations.
thum.gif Good use of archer and Ranger formations.
thum.gif Bought banner in response to Nazgul screech.
thum.gif Good early Mordor camp harassment to take the attention off your early economy.

sad.gif Some early poor Knight micro to lose your first batallion to the Mordor towers.
sad.gif Exposed Boromir and Faramir too early.
sad.gif Archery Range position in the castle could have been better.

Comments: A good start. Your harassment of the Mordor camp gave your economy time to get going and you had Knights with Boromir and Faramir early enough to do some damage. Your assaults on the Mordor camp with the early Knights had Mordor really focussed on defence and it took a while for Mordor get going against you. I have generally found that the best way to cripple Mordor is via their economy and early camp harassment generally doesn't take Mordor down completely and they tend to recover well because the economy is relatively untouched because nothing was harassing it. Harassing their economy and leaving the camp alone tends to work out better in my experience.

Then Faramir and Boromir got caught by those three trolls out in the open and they were overcome. At that point I think I would have sacrificed Boromir to retreat Faramir because it soon became clear that either they were both going to die or one might just have a chance to escape and Faramir could have mounted and rode away.

The longer the game went on the better your micro and strategy seemed to get but Mordor had just become too powerful and gained too much momentum to let you back into the game. The Rangers bought you time and between then and the Knights with Boromir and Faramir they kept you in the game for a while but the combination of trolls and Nazgul guarding the Mordor catapults stopped you from making a serious attempt to break the siege because the Mordor forces were microed so well.

The only real fault in yout game was some poor initial Knight micro to lose yout first batallion to the towers around the Mordor camp but Mordor made you pay for it dearly. Your attempts to break the siege were generally well attempted, if a little ragged around the edges but I think the attempt to ride off with Gandalf and the Knights when Gandalf arrived was an error because it left the castle very vulnerable to the catapults trolls. It might have been better to try to directly confront the siege and then ride out after beating back a wave instead of allowing a fresh Mordor force to begin an assault without having the Knights available to harass the siege weapons.

The real killer blow was the destruction of the archery range which was in a vulerable position. This might be something to remember next time when considering late-game castle layout.

All in all, a good performance but simply one micro mistake too many.

Rating: 6


StoneLord (Mordor)
Build Order: Pit + Gollum, Mills, Slaughterhouses, Haradrim Palace, Haradrim, Troll Cage, Outpost, Furnaces, Trolls, Mumakil, Nazgul, Siege Works, Catapults, Drummer Trolls, Archers, Fire, Witch King
PP: Eye of Sauron, Tortured Land, Industry, Darkness

thum.gif Fast extra mill workers.
thum.gif Spare orcs attacking farms in the Gondor castle.
thum.gif Haradrim formations.
thum.gif Haradrim garissoned in the outpost citadel.
thum.gif Trolls with trees against heroes.
thum.gif Good eye micro.
thum.gif Good use of Nazgul screech.
thum.gif Archers onboard Mumakil.

sad.gif Why not build a tower earlier in range of the attacking soldiers to help fend off the harassment.
sad.gif Watch out for the catapult friendly fire.

Comments: I was worried to start with that the harassment fo the Mordor camp by the early Gondor soldiers would set you back by letting the Gondor economy flourish but you recovered well. Faramir and Boromir were well caught, exposed and alone in the middle of the field and you had some excellent troll, eye and orc micro to kill them both with few loses.

Grabbing of the outposts was quick and the Nazgul arrived right on cue to clear the Knight harassment out of the Mordor camp. Immediately you used the Nazgul on the Gondor castle and saw the archers and switched from Mumakil to Catapult production.

Your siege technique was very good. Waves of catapults guarded by trolls and Nazgul hitting the castle backed up by a few Mumakil occasionally with orc archers onboard. Gondor's losses were inevitable every time you surged forwards and it was almost miraculous that Gondor managed to withstand the siege for as long as they did and beat your forces back each time. The Rangers were the problem because they were quickly replaced and backed up by Faramir's leadership. Taking down the archery range was the beginning of the end because it stopped the Ranger reinforcements and the tactical error with Gandalf, riding out to harass instead of augmenting the defence let you in to complete the victory.

Simply one of the best 1.03 Mordor performances I have ever witnessed and I have watched more than 250 games.

Rating: 8


Match Comments

Replay of the week contender. Silver replay.

Entertainment value: 8

Overall game rating: 7

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The Shoutcast is HERE (roughly 8 Mb)
#2Krys1er  May 1 2006, 19:02 PM -
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Gj both

First post and first download w00t. biggrin.gif
#3CitRuS  May 2 2006, 07:08 AM -
so who won..............
#4tomac  May 2 2006, 08:34 AM -
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another silver for stonelord smile.gif GJ m8
#5Krys1er  May 2 2006, 15:41 PM -
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lol, the teh 4 most recent silvers have had stonelord in them
#6motwfight  May 3 2006, 13:49 PM -
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QUOTE(gunningham @ May 2 2006, 08:08 AM) *

so who won..............

#7SoulWings  May 4 2006, 18:29 PM -
QUOTE(reb0rN- @ May 2 2006, 04:41 PM) *

lol, the teh 4 most recent silvers have had stonelord in them

3 lol
#8Krys1er  May 5 2006, 17:01 PM -
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no Im pretty sure its 4
#9SoulWings  May 5 2006, 17:11 PM -
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#10Krys1er  May 6 2006, 08:01 AM -
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fucking pwned
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