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Battle for Middle Earth

Kiltec (Mordor) vs Major (Isengard)

#1Major  Feb 27 2006, 11:13 AM -
well, this was a much better game, you can learn a lot here.
anyhow a lot of battles, nazgul flying, uruks chanting, not sure how it would've ended, but this will show a great game for both side up to the deciding moments.

If I was to bet on the winner I think it'd be Kiltec (closer to balrog).

I do think it's more than worth the view, for 2 reasons, it should've ended after 15k, but it didn't tongue.gif and it really shows how to play both factions.

hope daemonette reviews this (she'll be surprised imho).

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#2Daemon  Feb 27 2006, 11:23 AM -
I will review.
#3Major  Feb 27 2006, 11:25 AM -
hope you enjoy this, Kiltec pulled a dirty one on me ...
#4Daemon  Feb 27 2006, 16:04 PM -
|elder|Kiltec (Mordor) v [WISE]MAJOR (Isengard)

Map: Fords of Isen


|elder|Kiltec (Mordor)
Build Order: Pit + Gollum, Mills, Haradrim, Slaughterhouses, Pit, Outpost, Furnaces, Soldiers of Rhun, Trolls, Nazgul, Siege Works, Witch King, archers, Catapults
PP: Eye of Sauron, Tortured Land, Industry, Darkness

thum.gif Good initial orc rush.
thum.gif Used Haradrim and SoR formations (not so much the SoR all the time though).
thum.gif Good creep technique (in theory anyway - see below)
thum.gif Archer/orc combination formation.
thum.gif Good Nazgul micro and use of WK leadership.

sad.gif Gollum should harass the MW from the start.
sad.gif Catapult micro and friendly fire.
sad.gif Replace your towers quicker when Isengard rushes in.

Comments: A good performance. The beginning was very good and this really slowed Isengard down but the harassment did not continue. Even though your orcs were stuck defending your own mills and creeping I think that doing this let Isegard back in.

Gollum was not well used. It seemed like he did a whole lot of nothing when he could have been beating up mill workers all on his own on the Isengard side. It would have forced Isegard to deal with him and drawn troops from your side of the field.

You got the right counters at the right time but the catapult micro would use a bit of work. They followed targets around that the shouldn't have and the friendly fire lost you some orcs occasionally.

Nazgul micro was very good, didn't lose a single one even though you went up against four batallions or crossbows with banner and fire.

Rating: 6


[WISE]MAJOR (Isengard)
Build Order: 2 Furnaces, Mills, Pit, Tower, Uruks, Crossbows, Beserkers, Armoury, Heavy Armour, Forged Blades, Banner, Fire
PP: Warchant, Palantir, Industry, Tortured Land, Devastation

thum.gif Fast extra mill workers.
thum.gif Troop formations used.
thum.gif Good Beserker use and micro.
thum.gif Demolished armoury after use.
thum.gif Kept a lot of units intact by retreating instead of losing them all.

sad.gif Check the recaptured mills for extra workers occaisionally. They only had the default 4 sometimes.
sad.gif I wouldn't attack orcs with lumbar workers. See my comments.

Comments: Another excellent performance. The start was a bit of a shock. I would have built my first two furnaces nearer the back of the camp because the orcs usually rush straight past and go for the mill but because they saw a couple of unguarded furnaces they had a go. If they couldn't see them then I think they might have avoided them and gone for the mill. It is a psychology question really and it isn't really possible to tell.

Usually I wouls agree that using the lumbar workers to attack teh orcs while they are attacking teh mill is a good idea but after the mill is destroyed you want to preserve the lumbar workers so they can recapture the mill without you needed to get uruks over there and they can also tie the orcs up chasing them for a while if the orcs don't ignore them.

Rating: 7


Match Comments

Excellent game with few rrors. I am in a real quandry here because the match never ends and I don't really know if I should promote this one but in the end I think I will stick my neck out and say....................


Well done to both participants.

Entertainment value: 8

Overall game rating: 7

IPB Image

#5Major  Feb 27 2006, 16:18 PM -

hope we get a third match and make it gold for you to enjoy smile.gif
#6jadoger  Feb 27 2006, 16:46 PM -

wub.gif major

fantastic game!
#7Keidy  Feb 27 2006, 17:17 PM -
Congratz Kiltec and Major!! thumb.gif wub.gif
Will watch for sure.

But just a coment here:

QUOTE(Major @ Feb 27 2006, 12:13 PM) *

hope daemonette reviews this (she'll be surprised imho).

She?? wink.gif
#8PayBack  Feb 27 2006, 17:21 PM -
awesome stuff dudes
#9lelderlBOMBADIL  Feb 27 2006, 17:29 PM -
Congrats Kiltec and Major.

Major stop in at elder forum and look at the elder Pics thread, you should find a pic of Daemontte in there.
#10Gungho  Feb 27 2006, 17:32 PM -
Will watch it later, sounds ace.

Congrats to both of you, well deserved.

Daemonette, she's hot cool2.gif

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