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Battle for Middle Earth

2vs2 Legolas pwnage ;D

#11Earendil  Jun 12 2010, 13:50 PM -
I find it kinda sad that a rep of hero spam and ents got this many wubs...just sayin

you watched it?
and yes it shows pretty well the lack of challenge for the last pros on this game sad.gif
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#12Wayward Son  Jun 13 2010, 01:34 AM -
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I just read the description. I don't think I'd manage to watch the entire game even on ff lol
#13Replaysystem  Jun 20 2010, 22:10 PM -

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#14N0NS3NSE`  Jun 22 2010, 22:47 PM -
Replays: 5 Game:
Nah against Boindil aka Nonsense we wouldn't have stood a chance tongue.gif

biggrin.gif Damn, that were good times.
#15Valor`  Jun 23 2010, 09:12 AM -
Replays: 23 Game:
Agreed. Too bad you left, we just started owning everything and everyone. tongue.gif
#16Valor`  Jul 31 2011, 02:00 AM -
Replays: 23 Game:
Good old times <3

*nostalgia bump*
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#17Earendil  Oct 27 2011, 10:31 AM -
Good old times <3

*nostalgia bump*

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