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Battle for Middle Earth

Stable level 5798 vs GTW Rank 879

#1Earendil  Apr 14 2019, 12:03 PM -
Tough fights for the victory
#2suturbs  Apr 15 2019, 00:55 AM -
Replays: 186 Game:

Rohans are strong with the rush when they... Don't bother eomer and theoden together.. (gondor would hurt Rohans ecomomy, hence good decision).

Also, a Gondor cant dominate one of rohans... Calls for further difficulty...Gondor should be able to dominate through fast gandalf in this case. Cud & shud have made gandi earlier but i would expect from rohans at least one of them making eomer and late upgrades. latening rushes to isen. not most urgent gandi...

Isen cud have played more agressive, he focused on helping gondor as far as I saw. At start "Nice chant" relatively, but cud have been uruk + soldier. there was no hasty for chant imo.

ALL WP... BAsich thing is fast upgrades of rohans, and passive Isen along with gondor vs 2 rohans. If you cant be the rushing side with isen-gondor, this game to be doomed for GI for late game in most cases, Isn't it... Big map=mobility is more important than many other things... Even so, generally lack castle strategy management by Gondor, they cud win!

Anonn: 8.5 (Anon has been always badass with RA's since 2008, hard to resist!)
Darth: 8.5 (I didn't like how earendil played, except MC, but at the end of the day he found/created black holes in gondor defences.!)
Spider: 8.0 (a bit passive. & too fast upgrades, could have been saruman? since i almost thought they were enting gondor? along with knowing hard-ally assistance, many likely yes)
NKThano: 8.0 (not focusing on collecting money, being too hasty for creepstealing, late gandi, imo gandi is more important than shield vs 2 rohans -late ra... not building walls, shame! esp vs another.. pro!.. bad decisions time to time in late game and if took anon base it was -once more- "nearly gg for GI"!)
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