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Battle for Middle Earth


#1Th0rin`  Aug 3 2021, 22:00 PM -
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Double Isengard is probably one of the worst match ups on wold, however this was a long game with many rains and fights! Really good game with good players in the 1.09 patch!
You wanted more replays from me Valsa, so have fun with a new one! smile.gif
#2ValsaDoom  Aug 4 2021, 02:13 AM -

Replays: 51 Game:
Again very entertaining replay here from Th0rin'.

Here on Wold II, left side vs right.

Top left side Darknight playing Gondor, starting Pepin + farm + Blacksmith
Bottom left Karuskas playing Isengard, starting with 2 furnaces

Top right side Th0rin' playing Isengard, starting with 1 furnace + uruk pit
Botom right Bwels, starting with 2 furnaces

First blood between Karuskas and Bwel who sent uruks to destroyed each others mils, while Bwell made 3rd furnaces Karuskas went for a tower to protect what's his, during this time Th0r sent uruks to destroy Gondor's outside farm, but failed, the player he faces had more success with his soldiers who destroyed Th0r's mils and just to make sure the spot is his, Darknight marks it with land, after only 1BS + 2 farms inside and few more outside the Gondor player decide it is time to built stable, after 2 sets of knights roaming the map terrorizing those on foot, Th0r finally manage to get some pikes out, while Bwel manage to get Karuskas's uruk pit down, but lost most of his unit in the process, then Bwel buys the services of Lurtz, this one only at first level got a little too much adventurous and almost get killed when came face to face with 3 sets of knights level 2-3 and 4, Lurtz barely escaped death when found refuge among pikes, (well done there Bwel), not ready to drop the bone, Darknight summoned elves to help finish the job, but Lurtz was safe within his walls, or should I say his towers, well at least that's what I though, better organized Darknight decide to rush Bwel's fortress again with knights and elves, Th0r sent pikes and Bwel survived a first attack at his castle, he was only rebuilding when Karuskas was already in the process of buying ups with his new built armory and was also making wargs in a brand new built warg pit.

All this action to the south gave Th0r some latitude to take control of the map up north, then a second attack on Bwel, this time with wargs + kights and elves, you don't want to look weak to the eyes of your team mates, but when you face 2 armies, there is no shame in creating a beacon and ask for help, so that's what Bwel did, after all this is suppose to be a 2v2 game, but the minute the beacon was made, Th0r was already in the house with Saruman and Lurtz, it was more then enough to push back the menace, right team were the first to get rain(both of em) Th0r was the first to click on it, and again a 3rd attack on Bwel, every one had ups and respectable armies, on the field 3 Lurtz, 3 Saruman and 1 GTW, after this 3rd conflict there was 1 GTW + 1 Saruman dead for left team VS 1 Saruman dead for right team, Bwel made lots of PP during this last fight.

Later Darknight though he should send his GTW make some clean-up once he got fresh out of the citadel, sure why not? seems like a good decision since it is so very complicated to the south, first attack to th0r's castle, GTW get pinned and died after feeding big birds to the enemy, giving him precious PP, during this time Karuskas went for a... how many is it now 4th? 5th? attack on Bwel, again without succeed but not without giving Bwel enough PP to get the ROG, being in much difficulty Bwel did not panic, he had one more outpost and most importantly GTW was dead and he needed to prevent the white wizard to come back, so he unleashed the Rog in the Gondor's castle and manage to destroyed it, Th0rin' was first on the site of the crime but unable to buy the castle with such a low eco, Bwel was no better, and Darknight was close with horses and cash, but not close enough... Karuskas unaware of how bad the eco of his enemies was, decide to buy the castle in a hurry, giving no chance for his mate to comeback in the game, at least after that he unleashed the Rog at his turn and aimed at an enemy outpost giving a chance to his team mate to buying it back, but that does not hurt the enemy much, and when Th0rin' gets the Rog at his turn, attacking with 2 Rogs one after the other, it was the end of the mighty Gondor player, Karuskas quit soon after...

Left team lost with honor, they bravely attacked non-stop.

Congratulations to Bwel and Th0rin' for this win, must be exhausted!

note: on right side team, both players went Lurtz + Saruman before buying up grades
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#3gahvin  Aug 4 2021, 13:23 PM -
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Nice game, I agree Felix buying the base might have been a mistake. How much cash did darknight have?
#4ValsaDoom  Aug 4 2021, 23:34 PM -

Replays: 51 Game:
QUOTE(gahvin @ Today, 08:23 AM)
Nice game, I agree Felix buying the base might have been a mistake. How much cash did darknight have?

If I remember correct he was at 4.8K
vs Th0r and Bwel under or if not maybe just a little over 1K
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