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Battle for Middle Earth

Latin Kings vs GermanTurk Tournament G3

#1LATINO  Sep 16 2021, 21:54 PM -

Game 4 Valsa
#2ValsaDoom  Sep 23 2021, 01:50 AM -
You never get tired of Anorien, especially when 4 great players bring the game to this level, in this highly entertaining replay.

Top left, |BB|Jesse playing Isengard
Bottom left, |BB|Saul playing Gondor


Top right, Gannicus playing Mordor
Bottom right, Spartacus playing Mordor

Both Mordor players went orc pits + Gollum, while Isengard player built only furnaces, sending is only unit atm and for quite some time, rushing mills witch turned to be very effective, destroying mills after mills, then orc pit and SH, but spamming orcs turned out to be very effective as well and if it wasn't for the help from Gondor player (Pipin), |BB|Saul would have find himself in great difficulty, you'll notice the Mordor players have a good start and better eco, they were first for creeping the cave trolls and making hard for Lurtz to level up early if not the entire game as a matter of fact.

Mid-game Spartacus put his hand on the middle camp, fast but not fast enough, previously, |BB|Saul did such a great work in harassing the Mordors with knights and defending his team-mate mills, it helped Isengard eco enough so he could prepare for an assault on the camp, protecting the knights from trolls, Mordor team manage to hold at first, having the wind in their back, and accumulating more PP then the other team, they could not resist making an attempt to hurt Gondor, but with a well and statue the Isengard combos were regaining their strength as the mordor units were loosing theirs, and before long the middle camp fell, with few combos and many archers assisted by Lurtz, Saruman Borormir and Gandy, the mighty knights were able to destroy every structures in their path, Gondor player |BB|Saul took the middle camp as a safe refuge but they never really needed it.

Overwhelmed by the forces confronting him Spartacus was on the way to loose his Castle when he and his mate decide to put an end to this, Good night Spartacus! Good night Gannicus! Sometimes the problem with 2 Mordors is having 1 too many.

MVP in this replay imo is from far, |BB|Saul.

Lose with Honor win with Glory! Congratulations to |BB|Jesse and |BB|Saul for their Victory!
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#3LATINO  Sep 23 2021, 13:16 PM -

Nice review smile.gif


Jesse = Stiwie

Spartacus= Felixanius
Gannicus= Darknight
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