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Battle for Middle Earth

2v2 Major Championship CB vs ALM

#1LATINO  Nov 2 2021, 00:03 AM -

Game 5
#2ValsaDoom  Nov 5 2021, 00:36 AM -
Top left,Isengard SHIBA INU aka LATINO
Bottom left, Rohan x6tence|GB2


Top rifht, Isengard Karuskas
Bottom right, Mordor Th0rin`

The right team had a slight advantage, Karuskas' eco was better then LATINO's and with more furns making more cash, Karuskas managed to get Lurtz faster, and rapidly killed the cave troll nearby giving him level 2, LATINO was late for the rendez-vous but showed up anyway, LATINO knew his team-mate had Roherrims roaming the map, and he also knew he could count on x6tence|GB2 for his next short terms plan; lets kill that Lurtz!

Karuskas knew someting was wrong, why is that Lurtz level 1 was rushing towards is Lurtz level 2 with a death wish... So Karuskas decide to back-off rapidly but it was already too late, LATINO used Cripple and pinned that Lurtz down, seconds later Roherrims were on him with W/C, and x6tence|GB2 had the quickness of mind to let LATINO's Lurtz have the fatal blow, and LATINO's Lurtz was level 3 all of a sudden, Good night Lurtz!

While x6tence|GB2 was harassing the enemy, LATINO prepared an army and sent all he had to Mordor Th0rin`, up grades were done on the road, and without wasting any second the left team was attacking Th0rin`, Karuskas had no army no upgrade but Lurtz was back, since Lurtz was unable to win this game on it's own, Karuskas decided to wait some more and then gets Saruman.

But at this point Th0rin`'s base was 75% destroyed, Saruman finally showed up and manage to worm tongue some Roherrims, forcing LATINO to kill his team-mate horses, resulting in both Lurtz dead, but Karuskas still didn't had an army, an now Th0rin` is in trouble, and need to rebuilt fast.

But no time to breathe, Th0rin` goes under heavy fire again, LATINO leads the charge and with the help of x6tence|GB2's Roherrims destroyed the base, Good night Th0rin`!

Lose with Honor, win with Glory!

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