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Battle for Middle Earth

2v2 The Last Dance Tourney EMP vs DET G5

#1LATINO  Nov 21 2021, 22:00 PM -

G5 of our group games

Emperors vs Detectives

Genghis Khan : LATINO
Darknight : Mehmet_the_C

#2ValsaDoom  Nov 25 2021, 04:15 AM -
Top left Isengard Th0rin`
Bottom left Gondor Dunedain`


Top right Rohan Mehmet_the_C
Bottom right Mordor Genghis Khan

LATINO stepped on the gas full throttle straight ahead like he always do, Gollum was in charge to get the back mills, but Gollum got only one since he was expected for duty in offensive territory, so an orc laborer had the mission to get the 3rd mills, thx to the generosity of Mehmet_the_C.

Mehmet_the_C had 5 peasants early in the game, and spamming those turned out to be fruitful and took down some enemy buildings.

Th0rin` sent his uruk to Dunedain`'s soldier and W/C all of em then took some enemy buildings down.

Dunedain` kept one of his soldiers units behind in order to stop LATINO's attack from bringing his farm down and succeeded. Then got stables and when his team-mate had called Lurtz for duty he already had knights on the field, and after only 2 sets of knights he deleted the stables.

Mehmet_the_C got stables too, but a little later and even so he manage to creep wild wargs in enemy territory, but gave Lurtz his level 2 in the process when this one used his crippled arrow, seconds later at the cave troll lair Lurtz was able to get to level 4... then with only furnaces in his base Th0rin` sent his Lurtz to get the middle camp... well played! Now Saruman should be called for duty anytime soon.

During this time LATINO had trolls coming out their cage, and Mehmet_the_C deleted his stables and called Legolas for duty then built archery, but there is a camp to take down, I mean that or an entire Isengard base or a Gondor castle, and no army so what is the use for Legolas? Unless going head's on and take Lurtz level 5 now face to face with a Lego level 1? But no worry Darknight had archers level 1 without upgrades and no fire to answer the task... you find that funny? I know, I know but please stop laughing there is a twist, this Rohan player has a plan! ps: I wonder if at this moment LATINO knew what was going on thru his team-mate mind...

Saruman was called for duty and before he was ready for battle, Dunedain` had already called GTG for duty, 2 powerful wizards but no army yet, but who cares since on the right team side there was only few trolls from LATINO and some naked archers from Mehmet_the_C.

Note that none of the horses had ups, these had only one mission from both FoL players, harassing each other!

With 3 naked combos and few elves with fire, all level 1, Mehmet_the_C came very close to lose everything, since Dunedain` had his Gandy marauding in search of easy snacks, then LATINO had his WK called for duty and from that point the left team had lost his window opportunity to hit hard.

Surprisingly Mehmet_the_C managed to get his Lego to level 4, using almost only hawk strike arrow, then leveled up his archers units, and called Teo for duty, and since he had bad eco, he did not get the armory for ups, not now not ever! It was part of his plan!

Then for some reasons Th0rin` having a huge army sent ballista and only ballista to attack the naked combos of Mehmet_the_C, maybe the 8 trolls of LATINO got him a little nervous, so he sent those ballistas to get destroyed one after the other...

Then LATINO most probably unaware of the condition his team-mate's units were (naked) he had enough, he used the eye on his team mate's army then puts Land and sent all trolls on the combos of Th0rin`, this one used worm-tongue and got most of the trolls but Mehmet_the_C aim with everything he had on Saruman, the wizard died within seconds, and then the trolls cleaned the place, Dunedain` took off with his Knights, let us mention that those had no swords, but Dunedain` had 2 work sieges in his castle, this is all the contrary of aggressive offensive, minutes later the Isengard camp was gone, then many battles took place halfway between the Middle camp now owned by LATINO and the castle of the left team players. I must admit this Lego looked like John McClane "Die Hard" in disguise, got pinned down and managed to kill Lurtz and GTW and got level 10 by doing so, then survived! Well played Darknight!

LATINO used catapults, trolls, WK so well, combined with Tinted Land and Darkness, making lots of room and making it easier for his team mate to move forward, then after taking some walls down at Dunedain`'s castle they got in without taking out their shoes there was nothing Th0rin` could do to save his partner, Good night Dunedain`!

So it turned out that Mehmet_the_C's plan payed off.
-Your units have no armor? Nothing to worry, just pretend they do!
Seriously it seems that WK, Tinted Land, Drummers (all thx to LATINO) in addition to Teo lds were more then enough to make-up for the lack of armor, and if you add Aragorn, Darkness, Cloud-break why spend the money on fancy suits?

Lose with Honor, win with Glory!

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#3LATINO  Nov 25 2021, 08:00 AM -

was a tense game, cool review smile.gif
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