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Battle for Middle Earth

BPL 4v4

#1LATINO  Feb 8 2022, 22:31 PM -

#2ValsaDoom  Feb 9 2022, 04:01 AM -
Top left x6tence|GB2 playing Isengard
Top middle LATINO playing Isengard
Top center ABDe playing Isengard
Top right CROAT playing Gondor


Bottom left Bwel playing Gondor
Bottom middle Th0rin` playing Rohan
Bottom center Yoshi playing Rohan
Bottom right Morl playing Gondor

With 3 Isengards the top side players had almost the obligation to rush, and Bwel (Bottom left Gondor) was their target, His 2 Rohans team-mates called Teo in a hurry, Yoshi was first to arrive but sent his Teo in pursuit of ABDe's fleeing Uruks, in a catch me if you can game then Th0rin` got his inside the camp taking care of business.

Again in this replay all 3 Gondors went fast Boromir, note that on patch 1.09 Boromir is one of the great Heroes to have, this character is more effective and also cheaper then the one in patch 1.06. Now please don't try this at home, if you send your Boromir level 1 in enemy territory facing 1 Eomer + 1 Gimli + 2 Teos + Kights with swords, then you might not like your first experience whit this Hero on patch 1.09, sorry CROAT and Good night Boromir!

x6tence|GB2 had some scores to settle with Bwel from earlier games, but this time he is the one playing as Isengard, adrenaline led him to rush none stop his direct opponent in the left side of this map, most of the action in this replay happened in this area for the first half of the game.

After having Boromir, CROAT was making Kights then Gandy while all his Isengard team-mates were having Heroes and pike-combos, in the other team, Both Gondor already had Boromir, and now they were making Knights with Gandy, Yoshi went Heroes and Elves and Th0rin` was making RA to assist Eomer and Teo.

Great team work from both team, in the Bottom side you can witness Gandy receiving 3 heals in a row after being pinned down, giving him the chance to escape. Talking about being pinned down, with 3 Lurtz in the Top side team on patch 1.09 Lurtz almost never miss the cripple arrow option. Now the 3 Isengards players have a good enough eco, and they all have siege-work, and making Bombs is on the menu.

Bombs are tricky, not only they can inflict major damages, but they also add an element of stress, and Yoshi was being fed with those.

In search of level 10 Morl sent his Gandy to blast some combos, but get pinned down by ABDe's Lurtz, 2 Ballistas on him Lurtz on Carnage mode, combos targeting him. all the mighty Knights worm-tongued by Saruman, and after using one heal, and shield-bubble + lighting-sword, not level 10 yet but Gandy escape with 5% life and it was Good night Lurtz.

But Morl had bigger problems then loosing a Gandy level 9, CROAT had knights destroying his back outpost, and then some more assisted by Gandy and the entire army of LATINO, and when LATINO move that much of his troops into enemy territory, it is never to fail a mission, withing seconds it was Good night Morl!

Now 3 v 4, CROAT sent his Gandy to die close to Yoshi's camp, the next minute, x6tence|GB2 summoned the Balrog and Gandy was not there to watch the show anymore. No need to Ignite since x6tence|GB2 already had noticed a Bomb next to the citadel, then Bang! The camp resisted the attack with only 1 tower standing.

After summoning the AOD Bwel managed to save his life then fought back, and with the help of Th0rin` came the time for retaliation , next thing you know x6tence|GB2's camp got destroyed, but during that time LATINO and CROAT found a second target and Yoshi was no more...

Now 2v 4, while trying to destroy the last outpost of x6tence|GB2, Dunedain summoned the Rog at his turn and it was GG

Lose with Honor win with Glory!

MVP for Bottom team=Bwel
MVP for Top team=x6tence|GB2
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#3x6tenceGB2  Feb 10 2022, 17:19 PM -
Replays: 8 Game:
MVP Brothers !! thanks valsa
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