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Battle for Middle Earth

[R] [Rating]3v3 with Pr0 comeback

#1ToRtUr3  Jul 2 2007, 03:22 AM -
Replays: 14 Game:
This game was fun indeed and nonstop entertaining for us. Unfortunately ESOOP DC'ed after about 3-5 minutes into the game which gave us a huge disadvantage but we still managed to do a few pro moves. The game was quite intense at some points and seemingly impossible for us to win but then we started a pro comeback and bashed all of their army. biggrin.gif

No need for a review as we know what we did wrong but a Rating would be nice. happy.gif

#2Thrandy  Jul 6 2007, 15:46 PM -
Replays: 6 Game:
Tagged. smile.gif
#3Thrandy  Jul 6 2007, 16:48 PM -
Replays: 6 Game:
Review by: Thrandy

Starting positions:
Team 1: (Gondor) engkanto / (Rohan) judy1234 / (Mordor) TheNOOBINATOR3 - North
Team 4: (Mordor) Platysoma / (Gondor) ToRtUr3^ / (Isengard) DivA|ESOOP - South


Fairly intense match here, Team 4's Isengard fails to bring down the enemy Mordor's citadel and quits out of frustration, making the situation worse for his allies. After some usual mid game creeping and building of armies, Team 1 takes advantage of their strength in numbers and rushes Team 4's unprotected Mordor. Both players in Team 4 send their armies and make an impressive comeback in the battle, gaining the upper hand soon after and pushing the late game fights into Team 1's camps.

Team 1 Commentary:

Great job all around. Spread out your Ld nicely in the battles and showed some good teamwork. Just had some unfortunate timing in your rush and lost to the opponents' superior Ld. I would've suggested that you retreated back to Rohan's outpost so you could take advantage of the statue but all in all you were getting pushed into a corner and there wasn't much to do.

Team 2 Commentary:

Hopefully Poose knows by now that you need two uruks to rush a full camp, not one. Even with WC and Eye, one battalion isn't enough to do any damage against several towers. With just one or two more uruks, you easily could've taken down the citadel and a few towers and gotten some rank 2 battalions. NML just got unlucky with creeping the middle lairs, but after that both you and Platy displayed some exceptional teamwork and played aggressively to the very end.

Overall Rating: 5
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