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Battle for Middle Earth

[R] [PAiN] vs. [EPIC]

#1ToRtUr3  May 16 2006, 19:36 PM -
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Well this is the first Replay I post since about a year ago now...
I came back to bfme 2 weeks ago. This was a funny game.
I saved myself in the last moment and counterattacked. banana.gif

I expect this game to be reviewed... Guardian. biggrin.gif

PS. I was a former Replay Reviewer. smile.gif

(Playing as ObiWan)
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#2Krys1er  May 16 2006, 20:26 PM -
Replays: 22 Game:

Really, any need to post.
I am a crap rohan and REALLY was not paying attention cause i was with a m8, k thanks.
#3Jobbies  May 16 2006, 20:57 PM -
He isn't in EPIC either. post-13661-1143531603.gif
#4ToRtUr3  May 16 2006, 21:26 PM -
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QUOTE(Jobbies @ May 16 2006, 10:57 PM) *

He isn't in EPIC either. post-13661-1143531603.gif

He came on with the [EPIC] Tag. I just put down what I see. tongue.gif

Would enjoy a review on this. Its a pretty short game so it shouldnt be hard.
#5Krys1er  May 17 2006, 16:06 PM -
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i only come onto that tag because I all of my maties are added on that account smile.gif

Seriously, watch the rep, it was okay but I played like shit. Well, more like shit
#6ToRtUr3  May 18 2006, 04:26 AM -
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QUOTE(reb0rN- @ May 17 2006, 06:06 PM) *

i only come onto that tag because I all of my maties are added on that account smile.gif
Seriously, watch the rep, it was okay but I played like shit. Well, more like shit

Yeh, but it was my 1st replay I posted in like a year now. tongue.gif
#7Krys1er  May 19 2006, 10:04 AM -
Replays: 22 Game:

fair do's.

well, Im not trying to excuse my way out of it. you bested me. but i was very distracted because I was showing a friend how to play teh game. Like I said, you still beat me fair and square, but I did have shit micro because of that reason, you probably wouldve won anyway.
#8RamRaider  Jun 5 2006, 12:05 PM -
#9RamRaider  Jun 5 2006, 20:19 PM -
[EPIC]Krysler V [PAiN]ObiWan

Matchup: Rohan Mirror
Map: Fords of Isen

[EPIC]Krysler (Left)

BO: 2 Farms in > 2 Farms out > Stables > Fill with Farms > Archery Range > Armoury
Strat: Peasents north, Merry claims farms > 2 Rohirrim > Theoden > RA > Eomer > Ent Moot > Peoman > Fire > Upgrades
PP Usage: Draft > Heal

smile.gif Got one of his farms down early on
smile.gif Very fast creeping for a boost to early econ and PPs
smile.gif Good use of Rohirrim formations
smile.gif Used peasents to boost the performance of the yeoman

mellow.gif Got Eomer to support the Rohirrim attack, but you never used his spear

sad.gif Shouldíve let Theo get the last hit on the southern most creep
sad.gif You let a whole bat of level 2 horses die to Lego unnesecarily at the right middle farm
sad.gif Poor ent micro, thereís no need for them to rock throw when theyíre in the castle
sad.gif No last stand with a statue, wall banner and well
sad.gif RA were an unnecessary purchase as he only had 1 rohirrim

Overall Gameplay: 4

[PAiN]ObiWan (Right)

BO: 2 Farms in > 2 Farms out > Fill with Farms > Stables > Armoury
Strat: Peasents defend, Merry through middle > Peasent spam > Legolas > Rohirrim > Theoden > Upgrades > Ent Moot
PP Usage: Draft > Heal > Elves

smile.gif Excellent Legolas micro
smile.gif Good harassment from Theo and the bat of Rohirrim
smile.gif Attacked ent and moot with horses before it reacted to them

mellow.gif You used Legolas to kill Theo when he was sieging, but you couldíve killed him earlier at the northern creep

sad.gif Major cashfloating at the start
sad.gif Didnít sell farms before red gifting him PP
sad.gif Although you did well to destroy his farms, you took quite a while to rebuild your own farms

Overall Gameplay: 5

This was a Rohan mirror with a difference Ė 2 players trying 2 different strats, with the player using the less conventional strat winning.

Krysler started much the better of the two, with harassment of Obiís farms eventually paying off by getting one of them down. Obi must send at least 1 peasent to harass the enemyís farms, as this is turn helps divert their attacking force away. Due to Obiís cashfloating and doing the unconventional Legolas rush, Krysler was able to have the creeping advantage. I donít think you took full advantage though, as Theo only got to level 2. I wouldíve had 1 rohirrim harassing his farm, and used the other rohirrim to take a creep down to minimal health and then guard it, waiting for Theo to get the last hit.

When the siege came, you decided to go for peoman first instead of upgrades. I felt this was a mistake as you didnít need fire that badly at the time. You were slow to protect your moot, and you had ents on rock throw unnecessarily. Despite the failed siege, I still felt you held an advantage over your opponent. However, your final defense of your castle was non-existent. You needed a statue for LD, and I wouldíve got Aragorn for his good LD, not to mention the fact he couldíve slaughtered the ents seeing as you had enough PP for Anduril. But you didnít meet the minimum requirements for the castle defence, so you decided to quit at this point.

Entertainment Value: 5

Overall Rating: 5
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