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Battle for Middle Earth

how to easily beat op mu in 3v3

#1necromancer393  Jan 19 2022, 19:08 PM -
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marje, wk, meg1n vs mal, dunedain, necromancer - if you ever caught yourself thinking that mordor is op on 3v3 map... think again.
#2witch_king988  Jan 19 2022, 19:57 PM -
Replays: 37
hahah thanks for posting tho, valse would have such an interesting replay

mergin pogin !!
all of u guys need to learn building order from him !
#3Dunedain`  Jan 19 2022, 21:05 PM -

Replays: 275 Game:
nice game mvp : necromancer

only mergin played good in other team lol, wk and marje played shit no offence smile.gif
#4Th0rin`  Jan 19 2022, 22:55 PM -
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Nice game guys!
#5ValsaDoom  Jan 23 2022, 16:38 PM -
Top left Diesel playing Mordor
Top middle I`m_GENIUS (aka MERG1N) playing Rohan
Top right MARJ0 (aka MARJE) playing Isengard

Bottom left mal playing Isengard
Bottom middle ABDe (aka Duendain) playing Gondor
Bottom right necromancer playing Gondor

Before going any further just to answer necromancer's comment on the reflection we should make on the influence Mordor has on a 3v3, well I agree, I'm no expert like him but imo Mordor LDS doesn't weight anymore in the balance if and only if, the Mordor team makes one too many mistakes or if you have a team like they had in this replay, which includes one of the Top 3 best players of BFME1 of the moment (aka the one and only Dunedain).

Strait from start ABDe placed Land right in front of his team-mate mal, he knew by the time the other team cover, he will be ready to cover over again, plus he has an other Gondor mate in his team, necromancer can also use Land if need be.

When you have an Isengard and a Rohan team-mate, as Mordor player you should always favor safe-keep your eye for Isengard, since the FoL team-mate most of the time if not always, should go Horses, in such circumstances having peasants level 2 or 3 make no difference, I`m_GENIUS had the reflex of placing a beacon for eye, unaware that MARJ0 was rushing, and Diesel thought he was doing the right thing by giving him eye, but end up having none for MARJ0, who failed on rushing necromancer. Who's fault is this? It depends, if MARJ0 said from the start that he would rush, then it is both his team-mates fault, but if he kept silence then they are not to blame, but in any case, MARJ0 has a part of guilt, because even if he said so in the beginning, why continue with a plan doomed to fail, since for sure he noticed the eye was already used? If nobody's fault then we can at least agree that there was a communication issue here.

After succeeding in annihilating MARJ0's menace at his camp with towers soldiers and Faramir, necromancer took the right outpost and made archers and rangers, while Dunedain was putting PP at the bank with mighty Knights all over the map, hitting on what ever was on his path, thx to mal for W/C btw.

Diesel made Drummers in order to provide both his team mate, since I`m_GENIUS decided to go with combos and Elves, this one took the left outpost. MARJ0 and his mirror enemy mal, were both preparing their respective army, combos and Lurtz, but MARJ0 was first to get Saruman and assisted by Both his team mate the 3 of em including Drummers, took the right outpost like a bulldozer, but maybe I`m_GENIUS had no need to join this battle in the east, hard to say since ABDe had Gandy call for duty, one thing is for sure, I`m_GENIUS abandoned his stand at the left outpost in the West and mal decided to take it down, but he could not go any further he had to come back to help his team-mates, after this I`m_GENIUS took the right outpost.

necromancer has no need for a Cristal ball, he knew what was coming for his team, and prepared accordingly, by spamming Trebs no need to panic.

Instead of going forward, the Top side players went to get the left outpost before anything else, in the process the Bottom players had more time to prepare with more Trebs, and ABDe sent his Gandy in a boldly move to Blast MARG0's combos, making perhaps not has much damages has wanted, but certainly sending the message he wanted, which was something like:(you may be big but I don't care or I don't give a ****)

But the Big Mordor team was not impressed and from there an impressive army of Trolls, Drummers, catapults, Isen combos and the WK moved toward mal's camp, mal had his Saruman called for duty just in time and used worm-tongue on trolls and a second before dying necromancer healed him, that was key to secure this area, and the Big team failed, that was for this side of the map, because on the other side to the right, MARG0 had more combos coming down south lead by Saruman and assisted by I`m_GENIUS RA now(since he had finally switch to horses) and Diesel's Drummers, his Saruman found himself in trouble as well and I`m_GENIUS also used heal to save him, but later on without heal, he found his Aragorn pinned down by mal's Lurtz and lost him.

While mal was marching once again to bring down the left outpost, the 3 Top side players combined on a marche towards necromancer's camp, mal had also combos over there to assist both his team-mates in order to counter the attack, assisted by Dunedain's GTW and benefiting of his influence, they were able to match Diesel's Drummers Lds, and with such an excellent micro with Gandy, Dunedain succeeded with the help of his team-mates to push back the menace in the east as well of buying the outpost in the west, thx to mal cleaning job over there.

So much going on in this game that at some point I`m_GENIUS forgot he placed a yellow flag from his stable sending automatically RA to the right outpost, now own by necromancer, and fed him PP when spamming RA to their death, somebody has to tell him to hold his horses, before necromancer gets AOD faster then expected.

With all forces combined the Bottom side players focused on one enemy at the time, and MARJ0 was the first to be sent to bed, has necromancer had AOD to clean the place, then I`m_GENIUS was next to get his AOD but he went to bed when he noticed ABDe also had AOD, destroying Diesel camp, GG.

Lose with Honor, win with Glory!

MVP=ABDe (aka Dunedain)
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