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Battle for Middle Earth

BK^ VS ZERO Gon/Isen mirror

#1`daii  Apr 5 2008, 22:57 PM -
a mirror on zero's gondor host.

after a bad start from our side we had a great come back.

I will never forget:

Van: Serpent` Best player ever!!
blizzard: Omg who are you?? I am fan of you!

*ty for ip check*
#2k3anU  Apr 6 2008, 07:01 AM -
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what a kewl game! pit start for isen is uber hard, but i have seen butta make it look quite easy tongue.gif when he has in some of our ffgs. it always makes the games fun and interesting. when i saw miho do it i thought automatically this is gonna be a fun watch, and i def was biggrin.gif

pro performance from both teams

#3Erag0888  Apr 6 2008, 09:47 AM -
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a great game, I really enjoyed it smile.gif
#4Sammyman  Apr 6 2008, 10:33 AM -
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#5Boss^  Apr 6 2008, 12:07 PM -
OMG u cant smurf for 1 day

#6Sammyman  Apr 6 2008, 13:25 PM -
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ok I watched this game and I will give my thourghts.

It was a great game in alot of ways and I will discuss some of the pros and cons from this game. It was nice to see BK try pit start so that was fine but the first error was when Zero lost his armoury to 1 horse without wc. Remember to keep 1-2 pikes by armoury but we all make this mistake sometimes.

The next game changing error was that BK bluewave had 2 furns a pit and 1 tower when Zero had at least 2 horses with armour and blades. Remember to try and use some war chants soley for rushes on Isen. 1 rush on BlueWave and he would of been put out of the game completely at that stage.

Blizzard istari lighting Lurtz Middle game was a mistake as Gandalf was pinned and killed easyily.

Serpents horse Micro early to middle game was exceptional off host at one stage his 3 knights kill 2 isen combos including 1 pike combo with wc. That was good play but sadly off host cuaght up with serphant and he lost 3 horses in a base rush that was well defended by pikes and Gandalf.

The game is just massive battles late game with trebs full command points heros and everything.

To my surprize it was the Balrog that won the game. Boss use ignight on your balrog and it will do alot more damage. On the other hand Ark's Balrog was actually the best balrog summon I have ever seen. It was perfect he killed 5 buildings with 1 fire breath and finished the base with time left over on rog.

Very good game guys smile.gif
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#7Mr.lim  Apr 6 2008, 13:34 PM -
buttas horse micro = more than outstanding drol.gif 0wn3d.gif thum.gif !
#8Oblivion^  Apr 6 2008, 16:05 PM -
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when boss had is 2 uruk he just waste it to a peasant who had wc and give him rank 2
#9Veermarck  Apr 6 2008, 16:06 PM -
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Miho made a wrong choice early game (shit happens) but Zero not capitalizing on it was wtf!

The Isen player was extremely passive during the period that miho had 1 furn, he seemed to be content with just putting a pike at each of his mills. Even miho crossed the map a few times to harras with his lonely uruk at least doing something. 2 FU pikes + WC and some horse back up would have done the job.

I dno it seemed ridiculous to me that BK^ was dictating the play
througout the whole game despite Zero having a HUGE advantage early game namely isen having 1 furn for half an hour.

Even though they had plenty of opportunity, they took no shots at all to actually win the game untill they had balrog lol.

Butta put on a nice show for a while, and made u think how the other gondor with host was able to lose batt after batt of horses.
Going elf summon first was an awesome move too. But he had no opposition for an eternity!

Wierd game wacko.gif
#10`daii  Apr 6 2008, 18:03 PM -
this was not miho guys. It was mighty boss!

anyway if I was host the only thing that would matter I would be able to buy middle cause i bought it but the little delay bought it too late, otherwise it was GG gondor with my aod & eagles recharged sad.gif
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