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Battle for Middle Earth

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#1shaulin  Jul 3 2006, 18:34 PM -
this is my first posted rep. i thought it was a gg.

its me Vs. Beer|MusikGuY.

who i havnt seen in a while post-13661-1143531603.gif be a shame if he's quit because he's a very skilled player. sad.gif

well, the worst mistake of the game : my farm getting owned by wargs at 0% frusty.gif frusty.gif frusty.gif

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#2Jobbies  Jul 3 2006, 19:00 PM -
Sure, it's .rep because all members should be able to do that.
#3Blueb1rd  Jul 3 2006, 19:03 PM -
j00 n00b wub.gif
#4shaulin  Jul 3 2006, 19:10 PM -
thanks Jobbies wub.gif

biggrin.gif Blue.
#5tomac  Jul 12 2006, 15:15 PM -
Replays: 11 Game:
are you gondor or rohan
#6OnFiRe  Jul 14 2006, 18:18 PM -
Replays: 14 Game:
#7tomac  Jul 14 2006, 18:42 PM -
Replays: 11 Game:
tagged it for you fire
#8OnFiRe  Jul 14 2006, 22:34 PM -
Replays: 14 Game:
ERA|BaTtLeCrY (Rohan) VS Beer|MuisKGuY (Gondor)

Map:Fords of Isen


Beer|MusiKGuY (Gondor)

Starting Bo:
2 farms in and out

PP Progression:
Heal>Elven allys>Eagles

General Bo:
Horses>Faramir>Shields>Combos>Blades and Fire>Tower Guards>Armor>Rangers

biggrin.gif Good formation use, rarly late.
biggrin.gif Killed Legolas twice, Theoden three times and Aragorn once.
biggrin.gif Good creeping got 4/6 creeps.
biggrin.gif Very good harrasemnt.
biggrin.gif Good overall micro allthough you didn't use blades of elevn archers to kill horses, and let Aragorn kill Faramir once.
biggrin.gif Good use of Elven Allys summon, killed two sets of rohans rohhirm at one point.

sad.gif Lost Faramir three times.
sad.gif Lost all your army attcking rohans outpost.

Comment:A well played game by musikguy, with great harrasment thoughout the game, good formation use rarly late; and good hero and unit micro allthough you lost Faramir to Aragorn follishly once, when you could have easily retreated. Good early creeping let you get 4/6 creeps. But you made a major mistake in attacking outpost, as you lost all your army and faramir, and then lost faramir 2 more times later in the game, you should have waited for him to come away from his statue. Good job killing Theoden 3 times, Legolas twice and Aragorn once biggrin.gif. After BaTtLe got ents it was gg for you.



ERA|BaTtLeCrY (Rohan)

Starting Bo:
2 farms in and out

PP Progression:
Draft>Heal>Elven allys>Anduril>Ents

General Bo:
Rohhirm>Theoden>Combos>Fire, Armor and blades>Outpost>Legolas>Ents>Aragorn

biggrin.gif Good overall micro.
biggrin.gif Killed Faramir three times.
biggrin.gif Killed his whole army at outpost.
biggrin.gif Good harrasment.

sad.gif Bad hero micro, lost Aragorn once, Legolas twice and Theoden three times, when thier health is low heal or retreat.
sad.gif Bad use of foramtion sometimes eg. Let elves shot you in wedge, and occasionally forgot to change formation.
sad.gif Only got 2/6 creeps, should have tried to get creeps fast.
sad.gif Lost two sets of rohhirm ro elves.
sad.gif Didn't use Theodens glorious charge.
sad.gif Didn't get a bottom mill back after MusiKGuY destroyed it.

Comment:Generally well played by BaTtLe using the stratery rohhirm>combos>ents, Good harrasment thoughout game, but poor use of formations at times and sometimes late. Good unit micro, but a poor hero micro as you didn't keep an eye on heros health so you lost Theoden 3 times, Legolas twice and Aragorn once. Late creeping resulted in MusiK getting most of the creeps and you only getting two. Looked good for musicguy, until battle at outpost were the battle got turned in your favor, as you had ls from theoden and statue, killing all Musiks troops and Faramir that you killed 2 more times later in the game. After that you built ents and it was pretty much gg for musikguy.



Overall: A entertaining game, and well played by both rohan and gondor, with constand action. Good micro by both teams. The battle at the outpost really turned the game in BaTtLeCrYs favor destroying all off MusiKs army, good use of summons by Musikguy, who manged to kill two sets of rohhirm with elves and kill Theoden and Legolas with eagles. After bttle at outpost, BattLe attacked with ents and after that it was gg for MusiK.


ROTW Contender
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#9Madow  Jul 14 2006, 22:40 PM -
Replays: 12 Game:
nice biggrin.gif
#10tommynt  Jul 15 2006, 06:35 AM -
Replays: 23
ugh, I stoped watchin when Gondor lost everything and thought he played pretty poor (apart from gettin mapcontrol that was quite good)untill then - goin for combos when Gandlf d have owned the field not like gandlaf d have died to 3 not FU combos and 3 not FU Rohirim. And then makin such a bad move with combos ...

Also i allways wondér how a Gnodor without Catapuls plan to win a game vs Rohan

oh well i better shut up now - but Gondor wastin such a early advatage was a pain to watch
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