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Battle for Middle Earth

Major(g)/Miho(i) VS Payback(r)/COMIT(i)

#1Major  Jul 12 2007, 23:53 PM -
Was a really nice game imho, I made a bad decision of combos instead of fast trebs, miho got it hard vs full armies of combos/leaders and quit, this is where the game turned around and with some treb power I managed to pull a win.
Too bad COMIT bailed or this could've been even nicer tongue.gif
#2Miho  Jul 13 2007, 12:16 PM -
lol, u managed to win this? Well done biggrin.gif Makin combos was really a bad decision since we got no LD at all, Boro would have helped alot, but im not sure if u would have been able to creep a warg or troll lair to get him rank 4. Furthermore i played kinda bad, because i were fuckin tired and drunken when we played this laugh.gif

Ill take a look soon to see how u managed to turn the game. I hope u didnt treb lamed to much tongue.gif
#3PayBack  Jul 13 2007, 13:04 PM -
majors strat should have been. cav >grades > catas . u weren't going to beat us with LD tongue.gif, but this game ended to early
#4purpose  Jul 13 2007, 13:42 PM -
Sorry for leaving but I had just got back home from a Metallica konsert, was very tired and kinda drunk. I just got frustraited, the game was over and I was tired off feeding you PPs in a game we could not win anyway.

Tbh Miho left to early. When those treebs came it was GG. If a rohirrim bat took one treeb out he died. I mean even gondor combos, with NO fire, NO LD owned Rohirrim fully uppgraded with LD.

On the otherhand, Gondor knights with NO LD could run into a fully uppgraded Isen pike+xbow army, with LD from ARa and WC, do some damage and then run away without losing a single unit 0wn3d.gif

Basically we had no siege to use (ballista sux and with those knights and GTW it was pointless) and we had nothing that could kill treebs. At least not in the same speed you pumped them out.

So treebs and GTW owned my combos and with the cash boost you got from Miho I knew SW was comming. Add in that you must have been close to AoD and we were not I just got frustraited and went to sleep instead biggrin.gif.

Me and payback had horrible teamwork, think we are to used to TS tbh. So we had trouble playing together and so it was no point.

#5Miho  Jul 13 2007, 14:05 PM -
QUOTE(PayBack @ Jul 13 2007, 15:04 PM) *

majors strat should have been. cav >grades > catas . u weren't going to beat us with LD tongue.gif, but this game ended to early

Didnt say we were going to beat, but boro LD would have been very useful. You lost theo early, so it would have been Isen-Combos + Boro LD vs Isen Combos + Ara LD. And i just needed 2000 for saruman.
#6purpose  Jul 13 2007, 14:10 PM -
Well those Gondor combos did very wellin killing paybacks rohirrim that tried to kill treebs so in the end it worked otu great for you. Even though they had no fire nor LD.

They key was that we could not kill the treebs. Or we could kill 1 or 2 but then our horses was gone, or we had to pull them back to heal and 3 new treebs just came roling. Our army could not kill them so we stood no chance in hell. How Rohirrim can be so weak beats me, especially since knights even without LD seem to be freaking tanks.
#7Miho  Jul 13 2007, 14:19 PM -
U had horseshields?
#8Major  Jul 15 2007, 14:23 PM -
he didn't, rohan's rarely do...
#9purpose  Jul 15 2007, 15:00 PM -
We did not I think. Dont know why, perhaps payback killed his stable befor realising we needed lots of more horses biggrin.gif
#10purpose  Jul 15 2007, 19:04 PM -
And ohh btw. at one point when Major just had gotten GTW out, I had like 3 FU combos and lurtz and was gonna pin GTW and kill him with WC. But Lurtz freaking dry fire. Dont know what the fuck happend sad.gif

Gandy was toast there but could now run away sad.gif
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