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Battle for Middle Earth

666Gamroth vs oP^3Patricia

#1Gamroth  Apr 21 2007, 21:16 PM -
A very nice game imo, some good back n forth action with some great play from both sides smile.gif
Could i get a rating on this plz
(Dont fast forward too much, isen vs Mordors are easily bugged 0wn3d.gif)

Review By: LastGenesis

Starting Positions:

666|G4MROTH/Mordor - Top
{oP^3}PaTriCiA/Isen - Bottom


Overall a very wp game by two very good players. Isen played a very good start getting mordor back on his heels struggling to get his orc spam going. Once mordor got up his 3 pits he was able to gain some mc back as he was able to overwhelm isens zerks. some good base rushes by isen had mordor even further back but yet again when some good decision making mordor was able to climb back into it. Late game has some nice battles going both ways. overall wp, gg guys. thumb.gif


Early game u struggled a little with isen having a very good start, but because of the BO he took u were able to claim one of his mills for a time which helped u to get ur orc pits back up. Once isen starting spamming his zerks u lost ur mills do to lack of orcs until u got ur 3rd pit up to overwhelm him. Mid game u did very good constantly spamming orcs to his mills while also keeping some to defend and yet still creeping effectively gj. you responded very well to his base rushes deciding to get a naz out instead of trolls since u had the majority of mc. Throughout the game u were wrather reckless with ur naz and could hav lost them on several occasions if he had more xbows or wc, use good judgement on whether or not they might die. During one of the late game battles u casted ur darkness right after he used rain, im not sure if this was just bad luck of timing or a momentary laps of thought, just remember that it doesnt cancel rain and u dont get the bonus' of it. Overall a good game bouncing back from being on the brink of losing many times.
wp mate. thum.gif

Things to Improve::
  • Be more careful with ur naz
  • Remember darkness doesnt cancel/ gives u no bonus while rain is active

U had a nice start killing mordors pit, and 1 mill tho losing one of ur own mills for a short time but ur dbl furn start was able to support u. your initial FU base rush was good killing his cita and some towers, tho with ur second u should hav gone for his towers as u had no wc and he still had enuf towers left to keep u from killing his rebuilding cita. Imo u should mix ur army earlier on (Xbows and combos) as xbows drop very fast to towers. During mid game keep on getting zerks to keep mc once u made ur army u pretty much sacrificed mc giving him enuf eco to build an army to beat urs. Try to not bunch up ur xbows as much as possible as a good cata hit or a naz coming in can devestate them. A good effort against a vg good opponent gg. Welcome to the clan btw. biggrin.gif

Things to Imrpove:
  • If u cant kill his cita just go for towers to open it up for more units
  • Mix ur army more so u can handle more situations
  • Continue to get zerks to fight for mc
  • Keep ur Units spread out in space
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#2Sage  Apr 22 2007, 08:52 AM -
this was a gg.
#3LastGenesis  Apr 22 2007, 16:19 PM -
Replays: 2 Game:
Tagged for my second app. smile.gif
#4Gamroth  Apr 22 2007, 18:24 PM -
thx for review m8, tho i have to disagree with your Nazgul comments. I knew what i was doing with them, you gotta push them to their limits to maximize their potential. And considering i never lost any of them even once i dont see how being more careful can be a point

other than that a good app review biggrin.gif (tho dont use as many abbreviations - spell words out in full laugh.gif) thumb.gif

EDIT: could someone make this official as roundabout a 7 could well be silver/RotWC tongue.gif
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#5Sage  Apr 22 2007, 18:48 PM -
ya I agree with all your comments about me and mostly him, except for the comment about the nazgul that gamroth already stated. That was EXCELLENT nazgul micro, not much more he could've done with them.
#6THUGZ  Apr 22 2007, 18:59 PM -
Replays: 36 Game:
Sage doing what he does best, joining the top ranked clan at the end of the month tongue.gif
#7LastGenesis  Apr 22 2007, 19:00 PM -
Replays: 2 Game:
Thanks guys. I was thinking the naz thing cuz of how many times it almost died but you are right since he never did lose it i geuss it wasnt necessary. post-13661-1143531603.gif

Ill remember the abreveation thing gam, thanks! biggrin.gif
#8general grievous^  Apr 22 2007, 19:01 PM -
must watch Sage lose...
#9Sage  Apr 22 2007, 19:24 PM -
as long as Pro and Wonder don't win im chill biggrin.gif
#10 Kamal  Apr 22 2007, 19:29 PM -
Replays: 6 Game:
wp by both players

the best mordor v isen ive seen.
sage played very agressivein early-mid game then he had to build a better army to keep with gamroth's army up. gamroth was defending very good nearly all the game until he got balrog.
imo sage could have won it if gamroth didnt use his nazguls (great naz micro btw) to keep mc. saruman would also have helped alot but you had no money to purchase him, actually you could but then you would have had no army.
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