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Battle for Middle Earth

WhosTheSmuRf/]CBA|tbh` Vs. [CaNuHanG]Emo/KAN|SONKA

#1FlashJack  Apr 21 2007, 21:08 PM -
Replays: 41 Game:
so this is like my first 2v2 in a week and it was pretty fun, we tried our best not to abuse LD and rush out noob combos...
so i just mixed some strats up, kinda looked like i was playin 1.2 2v2 rohan and gerrard was playin 1.2 2v2 gondor except he got fara in case..

what was cool was a mainly all cavalry army theo eomer and gandy and the hit n runs with RA and eomer, i loved that biggrin.gif


overall it was a pretty fun game and i'd like a rating on it please

thanks smile.gif

Review by: Nightmarelord

Starting positions:
WhosTheSmuRf/]CBA|tbh` - West
[CaNuHanG]Emo/KAN|SONKA - East


Game started off with some nice early game battles and peasant/uruk rushing. Both teams defended their Settlements nicely. Gondor/Rohan showed some very nice teamwork and coordination and also really good micro and macro skills. I witnessed lots of nice a big intense battles and also some game twists. There were a few silly mistakes from both sides but nothing really dramatic. Both teams showed that they had skill but in the end Gondor/Rohan pulled the better strategy and teamwork. The game was very entertaining and deserves it's rating. Well played from both of you. thumb.gif

WhosTheSmuRf/]CBA|tbh` - Gondor/Rohan

A nice peasant spam and managed to defend both your Farms against waves of Peasants/Uruks. A nice quick double Cavalary, good harassing and good teamwork. Ran your Knights into Warchanted Porcupined Pikes, be more careful with that. Some nice Hero micro and nice Rohirrim Archer micro but unfortunately lost Theoden to cripple. You could've tore down his last FU Rohirrim with 1 more shot from your RA, but you let him escape... what a pitty. I think you should've mounted Faramir earlier and retreated, Lurtz already used Cripple on Theoden, so he has to reload. A very nice Gandalf the White coming onto the battlefield and good creeping with Theoden/Eomer. Ownage Wizard Blast on those Rohirrim, couldn't have done it better. That was a Knight sneak attack with huge losses as he got out Saruman. You should've retreated earlier. And another nice Wizard Blast combined with Elven Woods on those Combos. Got down some Uruks with Glorious Charge but also lost alot of Rohirrim. Taking down Saruman, Lurtz and middle base got you back into the game, good job. Eagles and Ents gave your enemies the rest.

[CaNuHanG]Emo/KAN|SONKA - Rohan/Isengard

Not so good early harassment but you managed to defend your Mills/Farms. A good Uruk rush but Pikes came out a few seconds too late, managed to get the mill back though. Isengard sometimes lacked with putting his Uruks/Pikes in formation. Should've retreated the Pikes earlier from Theoden & Faramir to get Lurtz to rank 3-4 instead of the Pikes. Luckily got away with that low health Rohirrim. Unfortunately lost Theoden, but you should've run as soon as you saw Gandalf on your screen already. Lurtz and the Combos kept your enemy from getting complete map control. Managed to take down a nice FU rank 4 bat of Knights and leveled Lurtz. Now you twisted it and had an Ownage Fireblast on Gondor's Knights. You should've focused on that low health Knight, he would've remained with just 1 Knight bat left. Got Rain and used it in the right moment, when Rohan casted Glorious Charge and took down Gandalf! Took down alot of Trebs, but that also costed you alot of Rohirrim. You got forced back to your bases, probably shouldn't have played so risky with Saruman. game was over after Isengard lost it's base.

Overall Rating: 7
Replay of the Week Contender
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#2FlashJack  Apr 21 2007, 21:15 PM -
Replays: 41 Game:
oh sorry im sort of tired and i forgot to put rating in the topic title, can an RR edit it in plz....i havent posted replays in a long time especially with that new rule
#3LiGhT`  Apr 21 2007, 21:17 PM -
Done smile.gif
#4ToRtUr3  Apr 22 2007, 08:50 AM -
Replays: 14 Game:
Mine. biggrin.gif
#5FlashJack  Apr 22 2007, 12:40 PM -
Replays: 41 Game:
nml at the start there was a lot of lag (i think from the turkish guy) and so my hobit stopped moving and so my start got fucked, its not how i normally play
#6LiGhT`  Apr 22 2007, 13:07 PM -
Why can't you just admit you suck Maia sad.gif tongue.gif
#7DunedainStriker  Apr 22 2007, 14:02 PM -
#8FlashJack  Apr 22 2007, 14:29 PM -
Replays: 41 Game:
well lol watch the game and ull see how pro i was biggrin.gif
#9ToRtUr3  Apr 22 2007, 19:54 PM -
Replays: 14 Game:
QUOTE(AniMatoR @ Apr 22 2007, 14:40 PM) *

nml at the start there was a lot of lag (i think from the turkish guy) and so my hobit stopped moving and so my start got fucked, its not how i normally play

I didn't even watch or commentate on it yet. wacko.gif
#10FlashJack  Apr 27 2007, 14:03 PM -
Replays: 41 Game:
i know, i said it in advance smile.gif
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