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Battle for Middle Earth

HV|AniMaToR3 Vs |GoD|G4MR0TH

#1Gamroth  Dec 30 2006, 19:26 PM -
This was a nice game from both of us and i wondered if i could get a review innocent.gif

Goes to Balrog and AotD and shows roggy finishing Gondor base in 1 bowdown.gif


#2acerrak  Jan 1 2007, 15:37 PM -
Replays: 16 Game:
mine for review
#3Grendel|6  Jan 1 2007, 16:26 PM -
Replays: 3
very entertaining and highskilled. thumb.gif

more of them pls smile.gif
#4acerrak  Jan 1 2007, 18:04 PM -
Replays: 16 Game:
HV|AniMaToR3 (Gondor) [attachmentid=186137] Vs |GoD|G4mroth (Isengard)[attachmentid=186134]
Fords Of Isen
Top Gondor
Bottom Isengard

HV|AniMaToR3 (Gondor)[attachmentid=186137]
B.O. 2 farms/out > farm > Stables/knight spam > smithies > seige > gtw
P.P. Ew > heal > elves > GTW > eagles > aotd > rohhirrim > cloudbreak
Creeps 5/6

+Destroyed 1 of isengards starting mills
+pro creeping 5/6
+used Ew to help wounded horses to creep, helped get elves very fast
+killed lurts and his amry several times
+good base defense with out the help of Sw and laser towers
+good second rush on his base getting pit and seige works
+overall great horse micro got a little sloppy at the end though lossing one bat of lvl 10 horses foolishly
+good use of aotd to kill balrog

-when rushing mills with 2 soldiers always have second set hitting uraks from the back till you get to the land
-cash floating early game almost 3k just sitting there
-first horse rush your use of elves was bad didnt protect them and most died to towers
-could have gotten pip and ran him to destroyed base and cloaked him there.
- you had a decent force with trebs out side of base but you waited forever to attack you should have went to his base and started attacking early with them before he got many combo's out

Reviewer Comment

You played a great game exellent micro with knights, got counters out to his pikes and wargs and consitantly harassed and never let up, However you was a little passive with your treb force should have attacked earlier but time you did he had a force to counter it. Good defense of your base forcing him to use the balrog to take it out, and with no use of SW. Great use of summons overall and fighting to the end, well played Gondor

Player rating 7

GoD|G4mroth (Isengard)[attachmentid=186134]
B.O. pit +furnace > 2 out side mills urak/pike spam > wargs > ups > lurts > siege
P.P. warchant > palantir > industry > rain > balrog > devistation > fuel the fires
Creeps 1/6

+destroyed both of gondor's starting farms
+placed uraks in from of gondors door wounding first knight bat and almost kill them
+lvl 5 + Lurtz
+good use of pin and seige tactics to kill gandalf
+constant pressure once you started seige
+Pro balrog use to down gondor's base in summons

-lost a bat of wargs early getting trapped in gondors base
-need a few more pike units early on and try putting 2 bats in the center to slow his horse rushes down
-Ok gammy look at the pic you waited till you had 12 p.p. after 5 you should have gotten industry while holding the other 3 incase he casted Ew

Reviewer Comments

You played a great game also except for the P.P. thing no real bad errors. Good starting spam to pikes and wargs and to seige, also pro balrog usage killing base, with one summons. Captured his base great play Good job isengard

Player rating 7

Game Summary

This a long but great game to watch. Mid and late game was a real nail biter, with back and fourth action, Both sides played exceptionally well and never let up, keeping constant pressure on each other made for a good game.
This game is my pic Rotw and

Promoted to Silver

Entertainment 8
Overall Score 7

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#5Gamroth  Jan 1 2007, 20:08 PM -
Thx for the review ace smile.gif

LOL at my pp floating laugh.gif
#6general grievous^  Jan 1 2007, 21:07 PM -
Gamroth did that in the rematch today.
#7Gamroth  Jan 1 2007, 22:42 PM -
I know i always do it sad.gif im just reluctant 2 buy industry in case of EW spam but when they dont EW anymore i forget 2 get it.
#8Segway  Jan 3 2007, 14:55 PM -
the bubble gum makes the review even better thumb.gif
#9(BH)ownage  Nov 21 2008, 23:21 PM -
Replays: 30 Game:
nice game guys cool to see you playing again gamroth tongue.gif
#10Church  Nov 22 2008, 01:06 AM -
????????? y was this brang back up???
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