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Battle for Middle Earth

Peak Vs. Veermark

#1Peak  Jan 3 2008, 16:30 PM -
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Ok this is after a not so wonderful start an unbelievable turnaround in an isen mirror.

I think Veermark felt too safe to give me a chance to come back into the game. But tbh we both donīt really know how it worked in the end biggrin.gif

gg mate
#2Major  Jan 3 2008, 16:40 PM -
thanks for posting, but remember you hosted on a mirror, so your win means nothing by your own standards.

don't take this too easy, just giving you a little of what you gave me on several occasions. tongue.gif

now gonna watch this replay biggrin.gif
#3Peak  Jan 3 2008, 17:37 PM -
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Host ofc gives advantage - but normally you can buy stuff and actually order units to do things. If something like that happens to someone i just feel with him - because itīs the most annyoing thing that can happen. As you might have noticed that was the only rep from you i commented on.
#4Major  Jan 3 2008, 17:51 PM -
actually wubbed this game, a nice one.
#5general grievous^  Jan 3 2008, 22:45 PM -
Isen mirror isn't as host oriented as the rest of the MUs in 1v1 are. The only way host could have a huge effect on the outcome of an Isen mirror was if you missed wcing your uruks during a critical moment in the game like a bash rush that would be devastating with Wc.
#6Peak  Jan 4 2008, 09:36 AM -
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Thx for wub. smile.gif
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#7Major  Jan 4 2008, 09:40 AM -
I may be a prick, but not a hypocrite wink.gif
definitely should be rotw, if I'd been veer I'd quit for a week, these games usually kill me mentally.
luckily I usually win close games biggrin.gif
#8Veermarck  Jan 4 2008, 17:07 PM -
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haha exactly major. it has happened too much to me in cw to be coincidence that i lose the close games against the top players. I was extremely pissed lol.
#9Madow  Jan 5 2008, 10:43 AM -
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i think hosting matters because non-host starts on the right and pit/furn is faster from that position so you have an economical advantage right there.

strats were poor. pit+mills vs random is risky ofcourse, you'll always fear a mirror at start. freestyle don't do pit rushes wacko.gif

citadel rush is normally not good either but because the defender sold his pit to build a tower and save his citadel (that wasn't gonna happen) you were still free to destroy the mills.

the rest of the game was enjoyable to watch =)
#10-Sebra  Jan 24 2008, 20:44 PM -
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Tagged for me smile.gif
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