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Battle for Middle Earth

Sr4pp3R(isen)vs H3rmine(Gondor) -Fangorn

#11tomac  Apr 29 2009, 10:20 AM -
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Lol towers man wink.gif

But overall nice game, espec by gondor. Wubbed
#12cacaroto  Apr 29 2009, 17:22 PM -
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#13Pallando  Apr 29 2009, 20:16 PM -
wubbed, definitely. wp orange
#14Earendil  Apr 30 2009, 14:34 PM -
#15Niglo  May 8 2009, 11:44 AM -
Hermine nice pathway and nice heal move at start rank 2 soldiers are op biggrin.gif

i think Sr4pp3r make to many mistakes.....
#16BcVcB  May 8 2009, 13:17 PM -

Replays: 46 Game:
I'm not sure what pathways are best for Gondor vs Isen on this map offhost. Would Orange's pathways work if Isen sent 1st Uruks to claim their left Mill and then the top middle one?
#17Jase  May 10 2009, 19:20 PM -
Replays: 33 Game:
LOL this game is a real joke.... the Isen PP cash floated to 15 PP's i mean wtf. There was a fight at the top outpost which Isen caused of brought land to cover EW lol. No towers either.... & as if this game is worth Hall of Fame, Gondor gets SW lol? people used to get slated for this rofl
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