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Battle for Middle Earth

Nice game vs Poose and Boss

#1Mr.lim  May 26 2008, 18:55 PM -
hi, i think this was a good game with nice comebacks , ofc mistakes . But all in all it was a good game Aod and Balrog included.

Mu:Rohan, Isen vs Gondor Isen

gg guys

a review would be nice 2 smile.gif
#2minjung  May 26 2008, 19:43 PM -
nice game imo,
but i have to say the lag was quite heavy, as you can see from my great warchants^^
besides that, gg mate tongue.gif
banana.gif banana.gif banana.gif banana.gif banana.gif banana.gif
#3Mr.lim  May 27 2008, 12:58 PM -
yes i had my probs with the pikes sad.gif

ps: come on guys pls watch this game , imo it was really entertaining and good
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#4Wayward Son  Jun 1 2008, 03:40 AM -
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I'll get this one done at some not so far away point in the future...Tuesday probably.
#5Mr.lim  Jun 1 2008, 18:23 PM -
ty biggrin.gif
#6minjung  Jun 3 2008, 21:16 PM -
thanks for the review mate
first excellent replay I played in YAY tongue.gif biggrin.gif

when his lurtz escaped with like 0 health from my lurtz i was like "FFS WHY DID I USE CARNAGE NOW I CAN'T SWITCH BACK TO CROSSBOW AND KILL THE BITHC" innocent.gif

I agree that we have to work on our hero micro.In the battle where his saru escaped, i just didn't see him early enough and i think i could've retreatet mine earlier. wolke's gandy died, cuz he forgot that gandy wasn't crippled anymore, so he could just have run away frusty.gif
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#7Wayward Son  Jun 4 2008, 18:49 PM -
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Ya the thing is lurtz was as lurtz was running to gtw an istari would have killed him so he never kills gtw. But overall its one of the more entertaining games that I've reviewed and imo has a good chance at rotw.
#8Mr.lim  Jun 7 2008, 15:57 PM -
thx for the review biggrin.gif
#9-Sebra  Jun 8 2008, 18:40 PM -
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Congratulations on Replay of the Week. Please PM Gen for your medals.
#10Robbie  Jun 8 2008, 18:45 PM -
Congratz nice game.
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