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Battle for Middle Earth

OvO(M/I) vs Poose and Butta(R/G)

#1Mr.lim  Jul 7 2008, 23:30 PM -
This was a nice game against Poose and Butta. Because it was just a ffg they both went for riders if they havnt i think they would have won. But mass Ld > then mass horse plus gandy. Finally my m8 had rain but there were still after rain some good battels . I hope u enjoy it

gg and wp
#2minjung  Jul 8 2008, 09:23 AM -
I think you double posted this one mate so can any RR delete or lock the other topic?
My thoughts on the replay....hmmmm......YAY FFS FIRST WIN VS BUTTA!!IM SO HAPPY LOL.....but i still hate your base rushes^^. I think when we got rain and mass LD you could've made trebs but as butta said he didn't want to be lame so he went gandy^^
wp guys thum.gif
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