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Battle for Middle Earth

2vs2 Tourney, a fiesta!

#1Dunedain`  Oct 31 2021, 22:13 PM -

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#2ValsaDoom  Nov 2 2021, 03:14 AM -
Top left, Showmaker playing Isengard
Bottom left, Darknight playing Gondor


Top right, Fishy playing Gondor
Bottom right, Dunedain` playing Rohan

First move for the left team is to gather all units close to the warg pit and cast W/C. And while Darknight's soldiers were playing with the dogs, Dunedain` hired 3 more peasants and sent all these happy fellows to work, resulting in destroying the 2 outside farms of Darknight. Minutes after this game had started Dunedain` had already took out 2 enemy farms + 1 mil, funnily he did not buy his own back farm, by the time he did it, Showmaker's Lurtz was already level 3, this shows you how offensive state of mind these players are, attack attack attack... you can always get set latter. If your familiar with the term "camping" this is the absolute contrary.

Since Showmaker had his Lurtz level 3 already, he could have him run around the map with less risk of losing him. Unfortunately for Dunedain` even tough he was in full attack mode, that did not prevented him from losing his Eomer, by having him pinned down by Lurtz right next to a cave troll. By the way this is not where Lurtz had his level 3, the troll had the last say here, it's by killing Pippin seconds later that Lurtz leveled up, what a shame...

But all these reversals of situation had no effect on Dunedain`'s state of mind, Eomer remained in his game plan, and his next move was to get RA, while both Gondor were having Knights, and Showmaker was spamming pikes.

Roherrim-Archers can be very effective versus pikes, but when they get Teo and Eomer leadership they become lethal, what else can you had to this... I guess maybe Legolas, in which case those pikes might get more than a simple punishment, lets call it a permanent ban.

Now this is almost mid game, and Fishy is about to get GTG, his knights have full ups, and they're walking on his land, the game seems easy for Fishy, no stress, no need to rush for having GTG turn into a GTW, because he knows that Dunedain` had done such a great job in early game by preventing the enemy of having a good eco, and has a Gondor player he knows Darknight is not ahead of him, in fact he is in the driver seat looking at the rear mirror and he sees Darknight way way behind. With GTG on the field, who cares if your enemy had the 2 PP for a GTW, since he can't afford him, sorry you're 3K short pal, come back when you have the money!

What's with those hobbits, sleep standing in the middle of nowhere? Darknight had his Pippin hidden in case they want to buy the middle camp, but Dunedain`'s GTG has caught him sleeping on the job and had to put him to bed, good night Pippin!

Then a first real confrontation with 4 armies, but only one casualty... Eomer got pinned again, good night Eomer! But please Dunedain` wake up! Nobody's dreaming.... Dunedain` stick with his game plan and gets Eomer level 1 for a 3rd time.

Proud of what he had accomplished Showmaker decided to run for the middle camp and bought the place, if someone needed that camp, it was him, without walls an Isengard base is always more vulnerable then others. And just to make things a little more comfortable, Darknight had his GTW right in time to inspect the new acquisition. Being on the defensive for so long, this feels more like the time and place to make the wind turn. And so it did, in this second confrontation Darknight offered his GTW as a lure and Fishy fell for it, Lurtz used cripple and it was good night Gandy! And like this was not enough, the minute Lurtz had cripple skill available again, he pinned down Teo and with the help of Darknight they manage to kill both Teo and ofc Eomer level 1 again, and ofc Dunedain` decided to stick with plan A, why? Because when fighting with RA you need Eomer level 4 to be effective in addition to Teo's G/C, but since Dunedain` can't get his Eomer nor his Teo to level up properly, now might be the right time to get Legolas and have his 2 heroes stick around him, they will level up now!

G/C was most needed when Isengard started to spam Ballistas in addition to the trebs of both Gondors. And then by using Hawk Strike Lego gave Teo's G/C the right team was so waiting for. Seconds later Lego dies in front of Fishy's door steps, sweet dreams, Legolas, now you can rest you earned it!

Then Trebs and Ballistas were turning the mud into a blood bath, casualties from both sides, PP meter was rocking sky high, this replay must be rated MA for mature audience only.

Showmaker was first to get so many PP he was able to get RAIN, and then Darknight and so this one got CLOUD BREAK, this brought a lot of advantage in favor of the left team.

But the right team players had a plan, and so they gather every horses they had including summoning Fichy's Roherrims, and with Teo's G/C this impressive mounted army aimed for destruction.

Over confident Fishy lost his GTW in the process, but then a lac of communication into the left team HQ made them both use their Powers at the same time, CLOUD BREAK + RAIN, and the right team retreated, at least they manage to get some valuable PP back home. Fishy got the Eagles.

GTW is far from coming back, but Teo's G/C is ready, so the right team attack again and succeeded at last, the mid camp is theirs!

So much bashing, so much action, so many PP! The tides have turned and Dunedain` and Fishy did what they do best, Attack!!! No time to stop here, we will set the camp properly later, it's time to dine in hell!

The problem with Isengard, is that when you kill them units, they still gain PP, and so G/C was called and then another and all the while killing huruks PP were accumulating from all sides but mostly for Showmaker and Dunedain`, and so they both had ROG and AOD at the same time.

Seconds later Showmaker had his new pet Rog knocking at Fishy's door, and Dunedain` had a surprise welcome for him, by casting AOD on the Rog, it prevented him from destroying his team mate castle.

Then with every heroes missing in action for the left team, and another G/C versus no resistance left, Showmaker pulled the plug, then his team mate too, good night Darknight, good night Showmaker, you guys played well!

Lose with honor, win with Glory!

MVP imo in this replay is Dunedain`

Congratulations to both Dunedain` and Fishy for their Victory!
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