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Battle for Middle Earth

a 3vs3 Pepper

#1Dunedain`  Jan 14 2022, 23:25 PM -

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nice game
#2ValsaDoom  Jan 15 2022, 04:06 AM -
Nice game indeed!

Top left x6tence|GB2 playing Gondor
Top middle Th0rin` playing Isengard
Top right Dr.Pepper playing Rohan


Bottom left Yoshi playing Rohan
Bottom middle ABDe (aka Dunedain) playing Gondor
Bottom right PvtCowboy playing Rohan

Try to keep up while watching this replay, where action will keep you tie to your seat, you are up for quite a ride with some BFME players among the best of the best!

PvtCowboy was the first to buy an outpost, and he gave all he could to creep the wargs before Dr Pepper's units stole the loot, and he succeeded but when Teo arrived to support the troops, the outpost fell down, Dunedain sent some knights to save what was left, and Dr Pepper called back his Teo, PvtCowboy called Legolas for duty in order to prepare for retaliation.

On the other side of the map, Yoshi crept the wargs and had Teo called for duty, but never minded the outpost, with a merry level 3 in the tower on the hill, he used Teo to lured the troll there, so the hobbit could kill him but when time came for his Teo to creep the Troll's cave, Th0rin` and x6tence|GB2 had already sent Lurtz and Boromir on the spot, so Yoshi called back his Teo before losing him to the enemy.

x6tence|GB2 tried to rush Yoshi, but this one was prepared with plenty towers, plus Dunedain had Knights to counter and PvtCowboy's Lego was thirsty for Knight's blood, now this is what I call playing has a team and have each-other's back.

Dunedain was harassing the other team non-stop, and minutes after calling GTG for duty, he already had the 2PP he needed to switch him into GTW, his mirror opponent x6tence|GB2 tried an other approach and bought the left outpost before getting Gandy, but even the statues Lds could not helped him keep it against Yoshi's Roherrims when he had his Teo called the Glory Charge.

Dunedain who was serving a lesson to almost everybody on this game, was spamming Trebs, just to make sure nobody would catch him with his pants down, and Dr.Pepper who was feeling most of what he is capable of inflicting, never thought of making more towers since Th0rin` had sent pikes to his camp, that was a mistake or maybe not, since for some reasons Dunedain failed twice to Blast them with GTW, lag was so obvious, Dunedain had to waste Heal on his Gandy after this ridiculous event, but when Dr.Pepper sent back his RA to his camp, still confused on how Th0rin`'s pikes were still alive and top shape, Dunedain tried the unexpected, he sent his Gandy back in there, filled with pikes and RA, without heal he showed how bold he can be, and Blasted the whole dam army, most survived but he got level 7.

You may do well with a Gandy Dunedain, but from now on the other team has also a Gandy of their own, when x6tence|GB2 called GTG for duty, seconds later he too was spamming Trebs.

Then the Top side players caught a break, when Dunedain tried to repeat his bold move and sent his GTW against Dr.Pepper's RA, without heal it appears this was Gandy's bed time. Too bad Yoshi was ready to make GC, but Dunedain's knights missed the render-vous, PvtCowboy was supporting Yoshi and Dunedain realized he messed up, so he placed Land to continue the charge but Th0rin` worm-tongue the Knights and PvtCowboy lost all his elves Legolas and Aragorn too, how embarrassing...

It does not matter if you make a mistake, if each time it gets you closer to perfection, and Dunedain was looking for it, in order to get back on the road for Glory.

The top team players were on a good streak and they immediately took down the left outpost, Dr.Pepper took it, then Th0rin` and Dr.Pepper went south to Yoshi's camp, but Dunedain previous good work payed off, Trebs were there to counter and attack failed, while x6tence|GB2 was busy taking out the right outpost, Dunedain went for Dr.Pepper's camp again, making some damages but not enough for Yoshi's taste and this one sent his RA with GC to make more serious damages, Lost his Teo and Aragorn trying to flee the place of the crime, but that gave a chance to Dunedain and PvtCowboy to hit the left outpost, they almost succeeded, but at least they prevent the enemy from attacking Yoshi's camp and most importantly Dunedain's Gandy managed to send x6tence|GB2's gandy to bed and got level 9.

With much success at Dr.Pepper's camp Dunedain would have been crazy not go there again, and again with no towers up, Dunedain was hurting the Rohan player more and more, with enough PP for the Eagles, he was now looking to get his Gandy to level 10 and Th0rin` fed him combos, the next second GTW cast Word of Power, now he misses only 3PP for AOD, but the Eagles got shot down by Dr.Pepper's RA and GTW was half dead, so it appears Dr.Pepper'S camp will survive an other day.

During this time Yoshi summoned the Ents to attack Th0rin`'s camp, now was the time for Dunedain to get those PP, feeling like they were already on the path for Glory, Dunedain was a little careless and lost Gandy, so be it... only half a PP for AOD, and when x6tence|GB2 had his Gandy called back for action, it was already time to go back to bed when Dunedain summoned the AOD.

Th0rin` was attacked from all sides and both his team mate's armies were destroyed, he pulled the plug, then all Top side players quit.

Lose with honor, win with Glory!

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#3LATINO  Jan 15 2022, 18:14 PM -

nice game smile.gif
#4gahvin  Jan 18 2022, 14:17 PM -
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well played Dune
#5Th0rin`  Jan 18 2022, 17:46 PM -
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Nice Gandy Dune
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