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Battle for Middle Earth


#1Dunedain`  Mar 17 2022, 23:15 PM -

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Giggity Giggity Goo
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#2ValsaDoom  Mar 18 2022, 00:45 AM -
Top left Fishy playing Rohan
Top mid left Th0rin` playing Isengard
Top mid right Ryan playing Rohan
Top right PvtCowboy playing Isengard


Bottom left Karuskas playing Rohan
Bottom mid left ABDe playing Rohan
Bottom mid right Yoshi playing Rohan
Bottom right Morl playing Gondor

2 impressive teams faced each other on this replay on patch 1.09, with 3 Rohans and 1 Gondor, the bottom team players managed to get both outpost first and from there, they went forward non-stop, but one player new the way how to hit where it hurts most, Dunedain knew how painful Gimli can be and the minute he had the left outpost he focused on getting the Dwarf asap, there was plenty confrontations here and there, but Gimli was the key to victory!

Ryan was MVP and saved the Honor for the top team
ABDe was MVP for Bottom team and Glory!
#3Th0rin`  Mar 18 2022, 00:55 AM -
Replays: 17 Game:
Funny that this is called expert replay
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