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Battle for Middle Earth

[R] Rohan isen mirror

#1Axcell  Sep 17 2006, 12:00 PM -
It's been a while since i got some good opponents to battle in CM.
Luckily I got a good team8. We had a good start and host advantage.

The rematch we lost as dbl isen vs isen rohan. Those T4B were nice guys.


If it could be reviewed within a month it would be great.
#2tommynt  Sep 20 2006, 08:48 AM -
Replays: 23

much better mu as stupid mordor ls battles
#3tommynt  Sep 27 2006, 11:39 AM -
Replays: 23
damn i did watch and review this but site reset made imposible to post, now i lost it
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#4Axcell  Sep 28 2006, 22:29 PM -
posted to avoid tripple post

NP if you can it this month done it's ok
#5LiGhT`  Sep 30 2006, 18:42 PM -
Mine. You WILL get it before the month is over biggrin.gif
#6Guardian  Sep 30 2006, 19:06 PM -
Replays: 34 Game:
The 2v2 section is looking pro tbh. Thx for all the hard work you contributed guys wub.gif
#7LiGhT`  Sep 30 2006, 20:31 PM -
Entraxz (Isengard) / Tellus42 (Rohan)
T4B|Kliu (Rohan) / T4B|StormBlue (Isengard)

Map - Anorien

Entraxz (Isengard)

BO- 2 furns, 3 mills

PP Selection- WC--> Industry--> Rain

Strat- Uruks--> X-bows--> Grades--> Pikes--> Lurtz--> Combos--> Saruman--> Uruk/pike


BO- 2 farms in, Merry, 1 farm out

PP Selection- Draft--> Heal--> Anduril

Strat- Peasents--> Rohirrim--> Grades--> Theo--> Combos--> Middle--> Fire--> Aragorn--> Horse shields--> Rohirrim archers

smile.gif Extra labourers
smile.gif Beacon usage
smile.gif Shared powers like WC/Heal
smile.gif Good formation use
smile.gif Good upgrades rush
smile.gif Fast upgrades
smile.gif Used Sarumans "speech scraft" ability
smile.gif Good teamwork

sad.gif Lossed starting X-Bows to neutral troll
sad.gif Poor horse micro
sad.gif Took a while for both of you to destroy armouries
sad.gif Not the best hero micro
sad.gif not enough harassment on there econ mid/lat game

Comments- Your early game was alot better, which was surprising considering your unit count was much less then theres, however Kliu made a big mistake in sending nearly all of his peasents after 1 battalion of uruks allowing your econ to remain intact. Tellus42 didn't play amazing early on and his horse micro was pretty bad, which then slowed him down because he kept having to remake more rohirrim, however Isen was on top of his game and got very fast upgrades due to his econ being nearly untouched. The upgrade rush you made on Isen was very good and you took down the cit and the pit which i thought was good considering all the horses he had at you. Once you had sent maybe 1 extra uruks battalion to isen you should of stopped and began to make your combos, sending more uruks just ended up feeding Rohan PP and exp for his Theoden. Once you took the middle it wasn't 100% decided until you had your first big battle, showing that taking the middle gives you a huge advantage in the "hit and run" tactics. Rohan could constantly send his horses back and forth while taking only moderate injury. Your added LD in the end and the better econ made it obvious who had this game won. Some excellent teamwork shown my you both, with great co-ordination.

Rating- 6



BO- 2 farms in, Merry, 1 farm out

PP Selection- Draft--> Heal--> Anduril

Strat- Peasents--> Rohirrim--> Theoden--> Grades--> Combos--> Fire--> Aragorn

T4B|StormBlue (Isengard)

BO- Pit, 3 mills

PP Selection- WC--> Palantir--> Industry--> Rain

Strat- Uruks--> Pikes--> Grades--> Lurtz--> Combos--> Seige

smile.gif Beacon use
smile.gif Used palantir on Rohirrim to kill fleeing units
smile.gif Fast destroying of armouries
smile.gif Shared powers like WC/Heal
smile.gif Good teamwork

sad.gif Little harassment throughout the game
sad.gif Not enough towers at isen early game - it was obvious he was gonna have grades faster due to the better start
sad.gif Peasent usage at the start - 4 peasent battalions and 1 uruk chasing 1 uruks battalion
sad.gif Hero micro
sad.gif Should of made seige much faster once you seen they had taken the middle

Comments- Your early game wasn't great and you barely managed to harass at all, you slowed isen down with 1 of his mills and that was about it. You could of caused major damage if Rohan had used his peasents more wisely, he sent 4 battalions of peasents after 1 uruk battalion when he only needed 2, he also left a peasent battalion next to the north troll doing nothing. Rohan got his horses out and the first thing he should of done is go straight to isen and harass the econ, considering the poor start. Isen should of had nearly a full castle of towers once the start had just about finished, due to the obvious fact that Entraxz was going to have much faster upgrades and the potential rush (that did happen). However you did make an amazing comeback and got your grades out pretty fast, and at one point it did seem like you had the upper hand but once the middle was taken it would of been hard for you to get back on top. Your only chance would of been to get much faster seige to attack the middle, due to the amount of archers they had, it would of worked nicely if guarded by 1-2 pikes. Nice teamwork shown by you both, but the early rush and not having the middle made it very hard for you.

Rating- 5

Final Comments

A very nice game to watch with alot of nice battles happening. Nearly constant fighting happening with only small brief moments to regroups and heal. The obvious deciding factor of this game was when Tellus42 took the middle, allowing them to constantly heal easily and regroup much faster, not to mention the added econ.

Overall Rating- 5
Entertainment- 6

Promoted to RoTW Contender

#8Axcell  Oct 1 2006, 11:14 AM -
I love the review, thnx

It's better than most of mine,

They kept in the game because they healed much of isen's units at rohan's well.
In the middle of the game it was pretty even. Fun in the middle with uruks and horses. When we both had rain. We had more profit of it then them, because they actually had more LD with Aragorn. Rain made it take longer for them to kill my Saruman, so we held the converted units for a much longer time.

Though you didn't mention my uruk formation use was a 1/3 of the time wrong.
#9LiGhT`  Oct 1 2006, 11:17 AM -
no probs mate it was my pleasure doing it, it was one of very few games which i actually enjoyed reviewing. speaking of your formation use... you had correct formation use more often then wrong, so i didn't see the problem, plus it was hard to keep up once the 2 isens clashed and it was all mixed together etc lol
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