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Battle for Middle Earth

[R] SO Close

#11LiGhT`  Nov 15 2006, 20:12 PM -
Nice review tommy, good points made and nice tips. I think you should press the "rate it" button though smile.gif
#12Axcell  Nov 15 2006, 20:38 PM -
Thnx for the quick review,
though I just can't seem to impress you tommynt.

This is the first time I used your starting strat as isen, so I forgot to send the laborer, so it came when his soldiers just arrived.
Some neutral wargs made me lose that first fight ion EW I think, thnx for the tips though.

Chasing knights with wargs would have made sense if evry mill had a pike, but since I also lost one warg the knights would have owned my wargs.

Rebuilding cita wouldn't have saved light I think. He would have survived if he sold his last farm = +100
If he rebuilded the citadel to get soem extra time he might have made it, but the OP couldn't be claimed yet.
I don't see how light played bad in the end.

Also I did use Lurtz in carnage and I kinda did keep Saruman behind the army. Just thought I might be able to convert something but he fled and just when I retreated through my army Faramir did WA and he summoned elves. I got Faramir and his elves, but his sneaky lvl 9 knights cam in from behind and oikes couldn't help anymore for the 1 hit KO on Saruman. You were right about that Lurtz should have pinned Boromir in the first fight. If he had gotten cata's it would have given me some extra time to build up my army and I would have had Saruman earlier.

I did retreat troops to fight at my camp, but they had to finish harassing.

My starting BO was 2 uruks > xbow( I stopped third uruk building as soon as I noticed that one uruk wouldn't be able to destroy that lvl 2 soldier bat and I needed to creep quick) > uruk

Btw don't I get a big pro for buying a bomb to blow up 4 bats at the second attack, so I would survive tongue.gif

and Why was my micro in big fights so bad?
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#13tommynt  Nov 15 2006, 21:01 PM -
Replays: 23
Axcell u kinda impressed me with your game, espacially as your performace improved as game went on.

On your comments. U still had 2 wargs left and he was harrasing u mainly with 1 knight which was outmicroing your pikes 2 wargs + pike >>>> Knights. as said try to intercept him in your backland so that u can chase him with palantir on his way home.

I think rebuilding zita d have given him the time to build op but i m not 100% sure on that

Light played bad in the end imo cause he keept on attacking without trebs and u should have owned his army with doing the stuff i mentioned, pin Boro, protect balistas and have all your wargs attacking him alltogether.
Your Saruman could have blasted the Knights who killed him in end, never run with heros, they take load of damage when getting chased, also he should have allways a pike or combo protecting him.
Your Lurd wasnt using his sword in the 2nd big fight when he was right next to lot of soldiers.
Soldiers are the units getting owned hardest by Lurz.
U was overally just not using him too much, in earlier game u might have owned a hero with him.

getting the xbow after 2 uruks was no bad move but u should have sent the last uruk to combine and kill the farm instead sending to other side to get owned and lvl his knights. There d have following my guide been a really good move

I didnt mention the mine as nice move as u killed some of your own units with it aswell, maybe u did a bit more damage to him as to u.
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#14Axcell  Nov 15 2006, 21:10 PM -
The mine almost killed non of my units, i made sure of that
and also did you notice how mostly buildings were destroyed before going into red, and the micro was at times very good.
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#15LiGhT`  Nov 15 2006, 21:35 PM -
I still say it was a fair review, but i dont think the comment on me playing bad because of no trebs was right. Trebs cost alot of money to buy and die easily, i needed that cash to make an army, the armies i made were better because i was constantly able to kill his built up army and get myself PP while being able to rebuild units at a steady pace. If i made trebs, he would of surely killed me faster because i wouldnt of been able to rebuild my army as fast as him
#16k3anU  Nov 15 2006, 21:52 PM -
Replays: 46 Game:
pro game guyz thumb.gif , alsome replay w00t.gif
#17Axcell  Nov 17 2006, 01:10 AM -
I want to have a damn pro for defensive mine use tongue.gif
#18tommynt  Nov 17 2006, 13:20 PM -
Replays: 23
U dont have to believe me guys, but I think i know how to play and how to counter Isen, and once u gimme time and i got rain u wont stop my or any other decent isen army without treboks.

I did notice the nice farm and mill disbanding but forgot to mention in review
+ 1 more pro for both of u thumb.gif
but axcel u got a bit sloppy doing so with action on map
Light was allways very fast to disband
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