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Battle for Middle Earth

[R] Rohan vs mordor, first day of 1.03 rohan

#1Axcell  Mar 31 2006, 17:27 PM -
This day I played for the first time 1v1 with rohan on QM in 1.03,

Normally I play Gondor, but I got bored about it.

I played some nice games on QM and I came across to mordor's
The first one I lost becasue I didn't now what to do and the mordor player did really good.
I'm posting the second game because I won this one and there was much more balance in it.

What the mordor didn't do was stting it's SOR in formation what let me trample his army.
Not great skill, but I think it was entertaining and at high speed.

At the last 10 minutes I had to eat so I was in kind of a hurry,
Fortunately I won because his army was divided.

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#2Guardian  Mar 31 2006, 17:46 PM -
Replays: 34 Game:
Watching it right now biggrin.gif
#3Guardian  Mar 31 2006, 18:43 PM -
Replays: 34 Game:
Sinhtoras vs Entraxz

Matchup: Mordor vs Rohan
Map: Westfold
Duration: 40 minutes


BO: SH>Pit>harads
Strat: Harads and orcs>All 3 naz>fire archers
PP: Eye>TL>Inudustry>Darkness


smile.gif Creeping with naz
smile.gif Killed a bunch of heros
smile.gif Good BO i just wish it had included trolls (never hurts to have a drummer)


sad.gif Cash floating early (almost 1000 WTF.gif )
sad.gif U didn't really need harads by the time u got them. u had the econ, couldve got trolls
sad.gif Stopped making harads
sad.gif NAZ MICRO
sad.gif Kept around 6 orc hordes in base
sad.gif Harassment

Overall: 3


BO:Farm>Stables>Farm>Archery range
Strat: Stable and theo>creeping for gc>fire and lego
PP: peas armor>Heal>Andruil>Ew>Cloudbreak


smile.gif Creeping
smile.gif Remembered to use kings favor
smile.gif Had map control for most of the game
smile.gif Nice micro (lol trampling sor)


sad.gif Lost peasants to trolls early
sad.gif Harassment wasn't constant
sad.gif Upgrades came a little late

Overall: 4

Summary: Rohan played pretty well and executed his strat well, getting theo to level 4, and keeping the map. I didn't really agree with the strategy chosed by mordor. Rushing naz is never good. I would have like to see trolls mixed in. Naz micro was poor, dropping like flies. Harass more with starting orcs and rohan won't have a huge army up in 15 minutes. Game could have been ended sooner if rohan didn't get aragorn and got upgrades and attacked his base. But gg by rohan. Very entertaining.

Game rating: 3
#4Axcell  Mar 31 2006, 19:27 PM -
I appriciate the fast review,
but maybe you reviewed a little too fast.

PP isn't correct
I think you missed some serious pros and cons
Maybe strat is a bit short, that's the strat of the early and midgame

Sinhtoras: 3
Entraxz: 4
entertainment: 5

Game rating: 3
#5Guardian  Mar 31 2006, 22:10 PM -
Replays: 34 Game:
U were in the game so of course u will have a different opinion. Examples of what i missed so i can incorporate them into future reviews?
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