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Battle for Middle Earth

gondor mirrors are much better now

#1Axcell  Mar 3 2006, 21:11 PM -
This was my third gondor mirror in this patch. It was a QM against the number 79
We both started with creeping, got our calavry out at the same time. I got 4 creeps he only 2.
Still i needed more powerpoints. Then i made the mistake that made the game.
I left my doors open and he charged in with 3 FU knights. He destroyed some buildings and got his 2 powerpoints for gandy.

Midgame became interesting while i mixed my units, he was massing trebs together with a few horses and gandy. Those trebs pawned my soldier archer combinations. I had barely any knights at that moment. He had more trebs then i had, he outtrebt me.

We both had cloudbreak, but we didn't use it the whole game. Better choise for me would have been eagels but I simply didn't expected mass trebs
It was a race who was gonna get AOD first. I think i was on the winning hand, but i had to leave.
So I asked him to leave, as expected he didn't.

Review is appriciated.

Can someone tell me how to change my gamereplays.org name? Because i got the stupidest of them all

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#2wickeD`  Mar 3 2006, 23:35 PM -
Replays: 5 Game:
Lol so you are the guy who i played with some time ago...

Make a new e-mail and make a new account tbh.. tongue.gif

Btw, i take this, tommorrow or after is ready...
#3Axcell  Mar 4 2006, 17:31 PM -
Thnx kingpeter,
so you guessed who was the one with a 6 words in his account.
Actually it are seven words. Won't counts as 2.
#4wickeD`  Mar 4 2006, 18:31 PM -
Replays: 5 Game:
I'm just watching, but I saw MANY mistakes from your part... He played exactly like in 1.02, only different thing was trebs, not Gandy...
#5Axcell  Mar 4 2006, 19:15 PM -
how boring was it?
well lets say it like this.
If you want to be a good RR you also need to be able to review bad games.
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#6wickeD`  Mar 4 2006, 19:52 PM -
Replays: 5 Game:

KingPeterReloaded's Review

Entraxz (Gondor) vs TooFastForYou (Gondor)

Version: 1.03
Map: Fords of Isen
Duration: 55 minutes

Entraxz (Gondor)
Strat: 2 Knights --> Faramir --> GtW --> Soldiers + Archers, TG + Rangers and Trebs


smile.gif Good use of Faramir
smile.gif Mixed army was very strong
smile.gif Harassing with knights all game long

sad.gif Lost 2 knights at the beginning ( run them before they die)
sad.gif Let your gates opened ( close them if you see his charging you, build a postern gate asap then)
sad.gif Didn't paid attention to some economic plots. Could have had much more money in the beginning. ( wait for build a farm there, you may get a good reward)
sad.gif Floating cash
sad.gif Sending Faramir out alone
sad.gif Faramir on foot near his Gandy

Comments: Started really ok, creeping with soldiers + pippin and even with knights when they came out. Gave up Map Control later, I didn't understand, were you afraid of his knights? Your micro was ok too, just that bad mistake on the gate sad.gif Everything else was good.

RATING: 4/10

TooFastForYou (Gondor)

Strat: 3 Knights --> GtW --> Trebs --> SW


smile.gif Moved into his base and almost finished him off early
smile.gif Creeping
smile.gif Harssing in the early-mid game
smile.gif Good use of PP

sad.gif Lost knights at beginning
sad.gif Bad treb and Faramir micro
sad.gif Fighting with knights on Wedge
sad.gif Lost Gandy once and could have save him

Comments: You started half bad, had some problems after don't get so many creeps and lost map control in mid-late game. Didn't fight for it. So inactive while making trebs, send at least 1 Knight out to harass, just like he did. Also money floating a bit, not as much as his, but a bit is a bit...

RATING: 4/10

Not an entertainment match, you get bored after 30 minutes wathincg it. Much innaction from both sides, a miss of attention from Entraxz at beginning losing Faramir and Gandy twice each. The other Gondor played ok, but also in mid-late game was innactive... But the action moments was fun to watch smile.gif

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#7Axcell  Mar 4 2006, 20:55 PM -
Thnx for the fast unofficial review.
review looks good, nice usage of colors.
At first sight the review looks really good.

few things i would like to say

- lost faramir only once, didn't now that faramir lv 4 could be istaried within one hit at ful health
- i lost one starting knight at the battle in my castle, the second was about midgame time.
- cash floating only at the start, later in the game i couldn't buy anything for it.

- he moved into my base is a positive thing, as a result of that he lost all his knights, a negative. Bit confusing.
- he lost gandy 4 times, but one those times he didn't heal him. So the negative is: lost gandy when you could have healed him.
- why was creeping a positive point for the other guy,he only got 2 creeps because he sent his knight into the direction of the places i already had crept.

- No usage of cloudbreak from both of us. Good usage of PP is wrong.
- we both moved our workshop to get those trebs safer and closer to the battlefield out, (maybe a positive)

And as you said the game was boring, you just got to fast forward to the action periodes. Gandys got killed much what made it hard to fight back when you had no gandy, also we both needed those trebs and that building up time made the game slow. Fortunately it were all open field battles so there weren't many long boring siege periods.
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#8Andarian LightBringer  Mar 4 2006, 21:13 PM -
Replays: 1 Game:
like was just said, nice use of colors on the review smile.gif

#9Totila540  Mar 5 2006, 10:04 AM -
Replays: 0
wasent that good play
#10Ranger08  Mar 5 2006, 10:18 AM -
Replays: 18 Game:
QUOTE(KingPeterReloaded @ Mar 3 2006, 06:35 PM) *

Lol so you are the guy who i played with some time ago...

Make a new e-mail and make a new account tbh.. tongue.gif

Btw, i take this, tommorrow or after is ready...

He makes a new email and account, the new account gets banned, and he gets a 10-20% warning.

Post a topic in this forum to request a new name:

Request Forum/Name Change

Also, KingPeter, mirrors are not allowed to be used for an application review. Sorry, but you need to find other matches as well.
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