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Battle for Middle Earth

Dbl Rohan Mirror

#1Axcell  Mar 16 2008, 00:47 AM -
again we get dbl rohan but now in a balanced mu

game full of nub and proness from every player smilie_naughty.gif
#2k3anU  Mar 16 2008, 15:13 PM -
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cool game. game takes on a some good entertainment from the first big battle on.

gg guyz
#3PuReBuRn  Mar 16 2008, 18:34 PM -
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my aragon was a beast tbh
#4Robbie  Mar 19 2008, 19:53 PM -
Since I observed it anyway might as well review....was a nice game to watch smile.gif
#5Axcell  Mar 19 2008, 21:48 PM -
was fun game,

YOu are right i should have got more satues in mid, but they aren't worth it if you are on the upper hand. I should have deleted2 farms to replace it by statues yes. I mostly did hit right with eomer I thought.

Imo going Ra's I think was good considering I got GC, Eomer LD and not to mention the constant threat of CB which really crushes combo's bigtime. At the end we just had a fast mobile army that was resistent against GC trample. With GC'ed Ra you can just charge in there army and take out weak hero's like theoden and lego without any opportunity for them to retreat those hero's. Also we brought some wall down and then the speed comes rly in use. Combo's are in lategame, when most LD and anti-LD have been gotten,in this mu only usefull for statue camping either at mid or at castle.
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#6Robbie  Mar 19 2008, 22:38 PM -
Ye I knew why you went, which was why I was careful to put "imo" laugh.gif. But even with GC and eomer ld they are still weak vs comobs and elves with leadership. I perosnally think elves and horse do the job better.

Also with the eomer I meant after he got heavy armour and you were still short of level 4, you did what I usually do and hit the one next to the banner carrier or low health one a few times, my observer lag proabablly didn't help laugh.gif
#7-Sebra  Mar 23 2008, 14:38 PM -
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Wubbed. Congratz on RotW guys w00t.gif
#8Oblivion^  Mar 23 2008, 15:50 PM -
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Thx medal plz happy.gif
#9Axcell  Mar 23 2008, 19:05 PM -
RotW before sunday is over eyebrow.gif

TY smile.gif
#10-Sebra  Mar 23 2008, 21:04 PM -
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Yep, poll closes on Sunday. For the medals, please pm Gen.
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