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Battle for Middle Earth

Nice comeback! Dbl Mor vs Roh Isen

#1gahvin  Oct 16 2021, 18:55 PM -
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The night is darkest before the dawn! Defeat was all but assured until...the shadow appears

Rain and cloudbreak are forced defensively, so what else is left except darkness for middle earth?
#2ValsaDoom  Oct 17 2021, 14:00 PM -
Somebody woke up the God of Nightmares, and Darkness became Law!

Top left, x6tence|GB2 playing Isengard
Top right, ABDe playing Rohan


Bottom left, Bwel playing Mordor
Bottom right, Gahvin playing Mordor

Both Mordors had a second orc-pit early in the game, there is never too many orcs vs Isengard, but Bwel got caught with his pants down when x6tence|GB2 rushed him with blades, this was Isengard second rush and best hope to get rid of one of the Mordors fast, and he would have succeeded if Gahvin had not came to the rescue, with only the citadel half destroyed in his base, this was a close call for Bwel, ABDe's Roherrims supporting the rush couldn't finish the job when a Naz came out of this dying place, having a good eco was the key to stay alive for the Mordor player.

While Bwel was fast to rebuilt his base, x6tence|GB2 was fast to rebuilt his army, thinking he could give Bwel a final K.O. this time supported by Teo and few Roherrims from ABDe in a better synchronized rush, he did W/C and hit the base with 3 combos full ups and woke up the God of Nightmares, Gahvin summoned Darkness and the threat was pulverize by his trolls coming once again to the rescue provoking terror in the enemy team. Only consolation was for ABDe to kill Bwel's naz with elves and Eowen, Bwel lost his naz out of frustration for being rushed to many times in this game, he had send his naz on suicidal pursuit, bye bye Nazgul, Eowen gets level 2! Seconds later Bwel puts a beacon next to ABDe's Castle, pissed at what just happened to his Naz, he brings all his hatred toward the Rohan player this time, having his WK ready, he was aiming for whatever ABDe had, forgetting the order he had just given to Gahvin, this one had sent everything he had to Rohan Castle as his teammate demanded, but Bwel's WK was busy somewhere else to hunt mice maybe! Archers with fire on the wall assisted with CloudBreak were waiting for Gahvin's troll and he had to call off the assault.

Gahvin had to trust his own judgement and decide to aim for the Isengard base, found a lone Legolas has a bonus, bye bye Lego!
But then coming back from Rohan, x6tence|GB2's army was coming back home and Gahvin decide to play it all in, warm tong took few trolls but not enough, Bwel had his WK for support this time, but only for a brief moment and lost it to ABDe, x6tence|GB2 found refuge next to warm welcome of ABDe at his castle, Gahvin came back to what he was doing, bringing the war to Isengard, but then it started to rain, and the party was called off.

At Bwel's base all trolls available were invited to a reunion in preparation for the next feast to come, and it would not be orcs on the menu, not for trolls! And both Mordor players agreed that if they split there would be enough for everyone, with both Darkness ready, Bwel sent his entire army at the place he should be focusing most from the start, x6tence|GB2's base!
The Isengard player got overwhelm and ABDe had to come to the rescue, Bwel lost his WK again, but where is Gahvin?

Shush... shush... Gahvin is preparing the next Nightmare...

Darkness was summoned again, giving Bwel a better chance to face the counter-attack of the enemy team, this time Bwel had the most impressive army of all 4 players and he chose to run back once more at the Isengard base, only to get massacred by ABDe's AOD, but such an impressive army of trolls won't die easily, now that Gahvin knew ABDe was busy at the other side of the map, he summoned Darkness again and sent his army to the Rohan's castle, and failed, or did he? took the citadel down and half of the place with his army of trolls before losing it all to archers and Roherrims, but not without accumulating a ton of PP, so close to ROG we could now focus on what's Gahvin is about to do, next thing you know he gets the ROG before ABDe gets his AOD ready again.

Without delay Gahvin summoned the ROG exactly where we tough he would, next to ABDe's castle, he then did all the right moves and good night ABDe!

Afraid of having more nightmares at his turn x6tence|GB2 quit minutes later, good night sleep tight!

Lose with Honor, win with Glory!

MVP imo was Gahvin in this replay that will for sure keep you awake.

Congratulations to Bwel and Gahvin for their Victory!
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#3LATINO  Oct 17 2021, 17:01 PM -

fun game smile.gif
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