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Battle for Middle Earth

4v4 on Lebennin

#1gahvin  Nov 6 2021, 14:57 PM -
Replays: 23 Game:
3 mordor isen vs gondor mordor rohan rohan

#2ValsaDoom  Nov 6 2021, 19:38 PM -
Top left Matthieu playing Mordor
Top mid left PvtCowboy playing Isengard
Top mid right Showmaker aka (Gahvin) playing Mordor
Top right Darknight playing Mordor


Bottom left mal playing Mordor
Bottom mid left NoLdoR playing Rohan
Bottom mid right Karuskas playing Rohan
Bottom right M3ROWING3R playing Gondor

Next to the left outpost, NoLdoR came face to face with PvtCowboy's uruks, strong of peasants level 2 and his Merry he realized quick enough he was no match for those uruks, W/C and eye were with them, seconds later NoLdoR was 0/80 sweet dreams Merry!

Things were moving fast in this 4v4 game, and M3ROWING3R felt the need to get the right outpost before it was too late, and after having called for duty Boromir, it was time for him to make combos, both his Rohan team-mates went for fast Gimli, 2 dwarfs is twice as strong but I wonder what those can do when facing a potential enemy of 6 NAZ + 3 WK strong??

mal had to go help M3ROWING3R at the other end of the map, to avoid him to lose his outpost to wild wargs, then drummers were ready for duty, but none of mal's team-mates had armies to benefit from their lds, no they preferred having Legos 2 of em if you please! This happens when you think of pleasure before duty, yes it's fun to have heroes, especially on patch 1.09, but sometimes by having them later, the fun will last longer.

The top team was taking this game more seriously, and PvtCowboy's Lurtz felt like this was no laughing matters, after pinned down 1 Legolas soon NoLdoR found himself with 1 Lego and 1 Gimli less to play with, and Karuskas had 1 Legolas less to have fun with.

M3ROWING3R was the only one still laughing and sent combos with mal's drummer to Darknight's camp, maybe Faramir should join the attack and level up btw, but after 2 seconds all where dead, and Faramir was running back to mommy, who's laughing now?

PvtCowboy was everywhere he had heavy bodyguards with him on top of air support, he knew heroes was a bad idea and they would prove almost useless in early game on this map with Mordor on each side.

Not knowing from where the next attack will occurred the bottom team players were running every where like headless chickens. Karuskas lost his citadel but they manage to push back the enemy until next round.

PvtCowboy failed attack at the bottom left side, maybe it was just a diversion because Matthieu and Showmaker almost took out M3ROWING3R's camp leaving only a Blacksmith left standing, it looks like M3ROWING3R will be allowed playing passed his bedtime.

Blade-less the combos of PvtCowboys were sent to war like soldiers with BB guns and became Roherrims's food for NoLdoR.

Now that the bottom team players had started to have decent armies, the time has come to go for an offensive.

PvtCowboy cast rain not as much as for support for their attack, but mostly to slowdown the enemy, giving him more time to prepare a real army for the next confrontation.

Karuskas who seems to hate fighting in wet condition cast Cloudbreak then w/e treat there was on the right side had to pull back those who tried going forward failed, during this time NoLdoR had all he got going forward on the left side aiming at Matthieu's camp, but had to pullback when coming face to face with heavy forces.

On the right side mal, Karuskas and M3ROWING3R went for an offensive but failed big, and the 3 mordors from the North went on search of a nice spot under the southern's sun, Karuskas got nervous all of a sudden and placed a beacon next to NoLdoR's camp, this one felt it was a great idea to go solo on Matthieu again, but after few seconds found himself 0/80 again, good night NoLdoR's heroes!

Then using the same path NoLdoR used earlier, but on opposite direction, all members of the Top team side went downhill like an army of armored tanks unstoppable and on the road for Glory, W/C Then Cloudbreak then Rain, then Darkness then Darkness then again Darkness, somebody give us a light but too late good night mal, you played well perhaps best player in your team! Then good night Gandy, Good night Ara, and welcome the Rog! Pvt summoned him right in the middle of both Rohan's camp and NoLdoR seemed afraid of the dark and cast Cloudbreak just before going to bed, Good night NoLdoR!
All could do Karuskas was summoning Ents before the end but only after M3ROWING3R had quit.

Lose with Honor, Win with Glory!

MVP imo in this replay is PvtCowboy!

Congratulations to Showmaker, Darknight, PvtCowboy and Matthieu for their Victory!
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