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Battle for Middle Earth

1v1 rohan isen many rogs and aod

#1gahvin  Nov 14 2021, 17:35 PM -
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Isen was behind for a long time but Felix never gives up. When first rog comes im 4 away from aod and getting desperate to get those points...

Very rusty in 1v1 still so having trouble finishing games, a bit sloppy on my part but very entertaining game.
#2ValsaDoom  Nov 16 2021, 04:37 AM -
Top side GaHViN playing Rohan


Bottom side Karuskas (aka Felixanius) playing Isengard

First thing Karuskas did, was 2 furns 1 pit, then delete both furns, probably had a change of heart after wallcheck and his strategy Vs FoL might've been scouting for available mills at first and for the rest lets spam Uruks!

It looks like GaHViN had his mind set on spamming peasants no matter what, forcing him to sent his peasants to destroy mills, since money was on spamming more peasants, and calling Merry for duty, that was is only choice, couldn't buy farms for the time being and so Merry was the one suppose to get a first outside farm, but he got outrun by Uruks, the problem for Karuskas was having eyes over there and so he did not bought the mill, since too busy defending an other one close to his base, resulting in Merry catching-up on the Uruks and hide on the spot. The good side of this for Karuskas is the fact that he managed to save his other mill back home.

Minutes later, for some reason unknown Merry died at the hands of these Uruks, and later they too died at the hand of peasants, so much for nothing. This is one thing that amaze me about this game, at the beginning any little conflicts can have the weight of huge battles, because of the consequences that could become exponential.

GaHViN's peasants will finally get that spot, and some other peasants will also get the other spot near Karuskas's base has well of most of other spot on the map, giving GaHViN the advantage in early game, and while Karuskas is having a hard time finding cash, Roherrims are spreading out, Karuskas had to level things up, and the fastest way was to creep wild wargs, +level up Uruks +1 more PP + $$$, and so he did.

Karuskas sent his Uruks at the top side map, maybe they could creep some more, but peasants+Merry+Roherrims were there already, and so GaHViN fed on the warg-lair and on the Uruks for the same price, but Karuskas managed to save a Uruk level 2, GaHViN did not care chasing this one, and minutes later this one Uruk healed and discretely took out a farm, little rascals!

Now GaHViN has Teo with his Roherrims and his already working on upgrading them, while Karuskas as pikes on going and some berserkers to get rid of the peasants.

Summoning the elves was GaHViN next move in order to make a decisive rush on Karuskas's camp, almost destroyed the entire place, but when the elves were gone, it was time to save w/e was left and so GaHViN bought the left outpost nearby, and set up a new HQ from where he will launch more attacks, Karuskas fight only for survival atm, and GaHViN tried his luck with a rush without the elves, but failed before even reaching a tower and turned around to safety at the outpost, better wait for the elves.

Pikes die like flies under the elves arrows, but Karuksas had no choice and continued spamming pikes non-stop, these will proved to be worthy because even naked pikes can slowdown Roherrims, and most of all, they can easily kill Teo once he's being pinned down. And after making a 360degres circle, Lurtz finally manage to cripple the king of Rohan, Rain was already selected and Land proofed to be worthless, Good night Teo!
At last something went on Karuskas favor...

GaHViN had RA cooking, this might change back the wind in his favor again. But Teo got pinned down again only minutes after being called back for action, he is on his front door porch and pikes were inefficient vs too many forces there. But Karuskas did not care, his goal was to buy himself more time in order to get Saruman and build armory. Maybe you can run but you can't hide, that thought could have come to anybody playing in GaHViN's shoes atm, since RA were becoming legion and Legolas just got called for duty.

Pikes were cooking non-stop and since Karuskas did not believe in blades the armory was deleted and combos had only fire and armor, Saruman took care of banners.

Then a battle took place close to the bottom left outpost, and just has Aragorn was making is entree he got pinned down, good night Ara! Then Land and Rain were activated from each player accordingly, Karuskas lost Saruman and almost all active units on the field while GaHViN lost Teo, then it was the end of this round.

With such a great control map, GaHViN had a nice cash flow and decided to spend some money on heroes, Eomer and Gimli were called on duty, then GaHViN launch an other attack from his HQ and just when Treebeard arrived Legolas was pinned down and it was time to bed, too many heroes to babysit maybe? But who cares? Treebeard will do just fine! So GaHViN sent the giant to do some vandalism on Karuskas's base and then sent his army or RA, Teo, Ara, Eomer, Gimli what else? I might miss some but Karuskas did not, and so Aragorn and Gimli, the 2 strongest of em were eliminated, and just like that Karuskas had the Rog, but hey... Teo reached level 4 on the process!

And so Karuskas called Balrog for duty, so sad it had to be on his own door steps, it's never fun to summoned to Rog on his own turf, but you do what you have to do in order to survive. As a consolation for Felix, GaHViN's HQ got burned down, Treebeard burned with it and Legolas had his behind whipped good night!

Second time around for the Rog, but for some reason Karuskas did not take action...so the Rog was put on hold and GaHViN is less then 2PP from AOD, but Felix does not know that, maybe he thinks GaHViN already has the AOD and it seems he is looking for GaHViN's army, the castle seems of no interest.... We can only speculate on what's going on trough his mind, but right now he should be the dominant predator, and yet he still plays defensively, did GaHViN got inside his head?

After few very long minutes, Felix found what he was looking for, and like a big cat he jumped on it by surprise and the Rog made everything fly in the sky, the RA's took a hard beat, and after having nightmares Lego was sent back to bed. Then the castle got hit, but the Rog had to take another coffee break, and so GaHViN survived, but this time he had AOD and his Teo was still alive.

Now it was GaHViN's turn to scare the hell out of the opponent, Lurtz was caught but Saruman made it up north and survived until fate put Legolas on his path and that was it of the Wizard, Lego got level 7.

But things are not to hopeless for Karuskas, since he will get the Rog back sooner then GaHViN will get his AOD...

But again Karuskas wait to summoned the Rog, he might be looking for the perfect storm, making wargs in order to hit every outpost and the castle at once, but things are not going so fast for the wargs and the Rog is already ready for action, now he is loosing his window, and GaHViN has the AOD ready. And he did not hesitate a second, he unleashed the ghosts on Karuskas army then gets the Ents, and only then Karuskas called back the Rog in the middle of nowhere to do IDK what... ho I think he got Legolas... I guess when you hold a grunge vs someone, never look at the expenses, sorry Lego but it's time to go to bed AGAIN!

Funny thing now, it is GaHViN who will get the AOD before Karuskas get the Rog back.

But he too waits, he planned to use it on the Rog, and when the Rog got called the AOD was summoned, AOD last less longer and so Karuskas manage to take 2 outpost out while GaHViN destroyed many units and Lurtz too.

But Teo was the key to GaHViN success, I might have been a little sarcastic earlier on my comment, but it was Teo's GC that made the difference here, and now again with GC and Ents GaHViN made a final attack on Karuskas's base... GG!

Maybe if Cloud Break would have been used more often, especially when summoning the AOD, this game would have been shorter, but this was one heck of a ride, both players gave quite a show here.

Lose with honor, win with Glory!

Thx to GaHViN for sharing.
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#3Felixanius  Nov 16 2021, 16:39 PM -

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Great review Valsa, thanks!
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