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Battle for Middle Earth

Another insane Eastfold game

#1gahvin  Jan 7 2022, 15:22 PM -
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This map is becoming a hotspot for entertainment. A citadel at 5% was all that was needed to possibly end this game.
#2x6tenceGB2  Jan 7 2022, 21:28 PM -
Replays: 8 Game:
very fun game to watch. thanks for sharing WP
#3x6tenceGB2  Jan 7 2022, 21:28 PM -
Replays: 8 Game:
very fun game to watch. thanks for sharing WP
#4Beterwel  Jan 7 2022, 21:34 PM -
Replays: 25 Game:
don't drink and play frens
#5ValsaDoom  Jan 8 2022, 00:10 AM -

Plz don't ruin necromancer excellent performance by telling me some took to much booz!

In any case nobody seemed too much intoxicated and I must say this is yet, probably the most entertaining replay of the year, well it's been only a week and 2022 might give us plenty more great surprises, enough to celebrate indeed!

Top left Th0rin` playing Isengard
Bottom left Karuskas playing Gondor


Top right Bwel playing Isengard
Bottom right necromancer playing Mordor

Karuskas showed how generous he could be by offering a mill to Th0rin`, this one sent an orc across a goblin's lair only to die in vain, then he sent 2 more and then 2 more and then gave up, hic! gahvin's secret HERE
After such an embarrassing episode of laborers sad story, Th0rin` decided to make plan for retaliation before Bwel and necromancer took control of the entire map.

So wargs were the answer, but too slow, Bwel had already wargs of his own and took down Th0rin`'s warg pit, time for plan "B"! Lurtz and Saruman were called for duty, while Bwel focused on Armory and ugrades.

necromancer took 2 expansion points and with those 2 additional outposts he found himself with 4 orc pits vs an Isengard player, looks like someone's been reading my reviews!Mentor advise HERE More seriously I'm convinced that necromancer had no need to read my lines to figured out what to do, and proof of that is, he already had the Witch-King called for duty this early in the game, then he prepared to spam Mumas, but Mumakils could not join since he had not enough command points, the solution was to feed Karuskas with orcs, but not to worry cause PP goes for both players, and necromancer started banking Power Points more then any other players at this time in the game.

Then things became more and more serious, but for some reasons I feel like all players were laughing, when Bwel got his Lurtz into trouble necromancer send the WK to help but Lurtz level ONE died anyway to Karuskas's mighty knights then GTW finished the job, Good night WK! necromancer took it very personally and Mumakils were sent to Karuskas's castle as a sign of retaliation, and they definitively send the right message, Karuskas placed a beacon for Th0rin` who couldn't do DS about it.

Then Bwel had combos ready for action, all it was missing are the Drummers of necromancer, but these were delayed in traffic, logistic was focused on heavy machinery, necromancer had his permit for demolition and the walls of Karuskas started to fall down, Bwel emergencies will have to wait.

Karuskas sent GTW to stop the demolition with an injunction note, but Mordor answer to no laws but its own, and so Karuskas could only witness his property being destroyed savagely, cry cry cry my heart hurts...

Simultaneously Karuskas had no time for mourning, he had to help Th0rin` keeping one of his outpost standing while taking out one of necromancer's so he can buy himself some security and succeeded, but up North the Drummers arrived to their destination and Bwel felt like a million box! Time to get rid of Th0rin`'s mighty combos!

The top outpost fell and Karuskas found himself whit only 2 expansions points, then Bwel continued to walk forward and took Th0rin`'s citadel down, Karuskas fell to heal Th0rin`'s Saruman in time and this sealed the outcome of the game (explanation later) with Gandy among them the mighty combos of Th0rin` pushed back Bwel's army and Karuskas took back the Northern outpost. necromancer did pplace a beacon for Bwel to sent Uruks with blades to take out the middle outpost, but Bwel failed to answer, that would have secured his way to Glory, so necromancer had to do the job himself and succeeded not only in taking 1 but 2 of Karusakas outposts! While Bwel was facing elimination with less then 5% of a citadel standing, necromancer managed to clean off his team mate slums,(should Th0rin`'s Saruman be still alive that would be time for Bwel to go to bed) instead Bwel had enough of people laughing at him and decided to show what he's capable of, and summoned the Balrog to get rid of the northern outpost once and for all! Good night Karuskas!

The only problem is that Th0rin` had a Rog of his own too, and seconds later it was Good night Bwel!

necromancer sent everything he had to Th0rin`'s base, his goal was to get a Rog as well, he's been playing this one game better then any, and still had no PP enough for the Rog, after working so hard Th0rin` granted him his wish, and so this is how it ends.

Lose with honor win with Glory!

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