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Battle for Middle Earth

2v2 Wold Gon Mor vs Roh Isen - Rog Diary

#1gahvin  Jan 27 2022, 22:02 PM -
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My rogs have been quite fail lately. Choking killing last well in gondor base, and another in Rohan base I used breath in corner and missed the farm.

This time I used on the side and killed 4 farms, so I am definitely learning! Game starts mordor getting fast naz and map control, but then I lose it like noob. Thorin isen always seems to be able to survive to late game even when the start looks grim for him.
#2x6tenceGB2  Jan 28 2022, 01:19 AM -
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watched this game live , very fun to watch!, WP
#3ValsaDoom  Jan 29 2022, 14:17 PM -
Top left Th0rin` playing Isengard
Bottom left Karuskas (aka Felixanius) playing Rohan


Top right gahvin playing Mordor
Bottom right ABDe (aka Dunedain) playing Gondor

You never have too many orc pits vs Isengard, but gahvin in this replay had a Gondor team-mate, taking that into consideration he built only 2 orc-pits, after acknowledge the result I guess from now-on 2 orc-pits should be the new rule in such circumstances on patch 1.09.

ABDe went fast Knights, while Kasurakas went fast Roherrims then both players focused in getting map control.

For Karuskas feeding on orcs is easy, but be careful the more you kill them the more the Mordor player gets PP. And gahvin had only one thing in mind since the start of this game, and it's to get the Balrog, so he can show what he really is capable of, once and for all, perhaps Karuskas will grant him his wish...

Very early in the game, Karuskas got surprised by fast Naz hunting his Roherrims, Trolls will wait, gahvin made a wise decision in making Nazgul early, a player like Karuskas is hard to put on check with Trolls, but here no Roherrims will escape the Naz.

After taking the North outpost, ABDe tried to make some damage to Th0rin`'s camp but lost a Horse's set, gahvin stayed one second too long, trying to support his team-mate's attack and lost his Naz, then after healing his troops at the outpost ABDe came back for an other charge on Th0rin`, but again lost a set of knights.

Once he called the WK for duty, gahvin built a troll cage, and with only 2 sets of knights on the field, ABDe had a hard time chasing Karuskas every where, and so the Rohan player managed to get a better map control. Dunedain knows how important is to get map control and so he made a 3rd set of Knights, Gandy can wait!

Th0rin` who was mostly only defending his camp since the start, manage to get Saruman and Lurtz to assist his combos before getting upgrades.

With the WK working 24/7 and his first Naz back from the dead, gahvin made it impossible for Karuskas to keep control of the map, and the next thing you know, the map was paint in Mordor's color. With such a great eco gahvin bought the southern outpost and built Mumakil pen, but lost it the next minute, it doesn't matter since the message was sent, he made it clear that he was the kingpin so far in this game.

Th0rin` had all upgrades ready and prepared for war, while gahvin was hunting Roherrims, Karuskas had the reflex to go home instead of going to his team-mate's base loaded with combos, as a result more PP for gahvin. Then Th0rin` decide to make a move on the Northern outpost, while Karuskas took the southern outpost. But the northern outpost was well guarded and Th0rin` had to run back home, ABDe had his GTW ready, and decided to sent him to fail by trying to kill Saruman in an over crowded VIP party where he was not invited, Good night Gandy! Teo gets level 4!

With Drummers making their apparition, ABDe started to spam rangers, but Karuskas has Glory Charge now, and with the help of Th0rin`, the Northern outpost fell.

Even though gahvin was first to get Darkness, now Th0rin` has Rain, not long after that Karuskas got CloudBreak while ABDe got wet, cold and a sunburn all at once,
but the Expert player was not so stressed about it, his Gandy was back! He might have lost most of his units, now only at 20/150 including Gandy, he was about to lose his partner, after making a general clean-up on the map, Karuskas joined his team-mate in the next offensive, and Th0rin` was about to hit gahvin with all he had.
Now is the time to shine ABDe, do something!

The WK, 2 Naz, few catas, Drummers and Trolls with lots of orcs, gahvin was alone facing the mighty combos of Isengard with Saruman and Lurtz, assisted by Roherrims and RA on Glorious charge plus Eomer level 6, ABDe summoned Elves to the rescue!

Ok it sounds a little like not much, but at the same time, he sent Knights and Gandy to take out that precious outpost to the North, so the enemy had nowhere to recover if they need be, that is if gahvin survive the attack! This one managed to keep his WK alive with only 1% of the health line left, when ABDe brought his Gandy back to the Mordor base.

Now knowing this would be a do or die thing, since nowhere to retreat, Th0rin` kept his ground, succeeded in killing a Naz and pinned down Gandy, his Lurtz was about to die before sending GTW to bed, but Karuskas used heal to make sure his team-mate would not fail, Good night Gandy again! Tough night for ABDe, but when your at the top you can only watch the others reaching towards you.

Time for retaliation, ABDe summoned the Eagles and took out Teo, while gahvin used his Naz to send Lurtz to bed.

Then a game of cat and mouse started between ABDe and Karuskas all over the map, at the same time gahvin was defending ABDe's outpost to the North, this outpost proved to be the most important one of all 5, since it was the perfect HQ to launch an attack on either way, threatening both Fod's bases, but gahvin was well prepared with Naz, catas, Trolls and Drummers nobody was able to take it from him, until he had the 20PPs he needed for the Rog, and he knew both his opponents were close to get AOD or the Rog themselves, yes Th0rin` was the most annoying and closer, but AOD makes more damages on an army, and since this army was en route to Isengard, might as well take both places down at once, tonight there will never be to much to eat for the Hungry Mordor player!

With an appetite like that, the use of Balrog comes instinctively, maybe gahvin used the "Force" as a result, Karuskas was sent to bed Good night sleep tight!

It looked like ABDe let all the hard work for gahvin, was it on purpose? I don't think so, ABDe difficulties in this game seemed genuine, but one thing is for sure, he made all the necessaries to cut the chances of the other team to come back, when he focused on taking the last 4 outposts, gahvin had already the 5th one.

Knowing this was the end, Th0rin` summoned the Balrog only to salute the victorious team.

Lose with Honor, win with Glory!


#4LATINO  Jan 31 2022, 19:46 PM -

was fun to game and read

good job guys
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