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Battle for Middle Earth

[R] 2xIsen vs 2xRohan

#1Chen  Jun 23 2005, 23:21 PM -
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uhhhh my cousin and I played against some people from the [THE] clan.....I thought we could own them cuz we were isen but they made it a pretty good battle....could it plz be reviewed? thumb.gif
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#2BaSSiL  Jun 24 2005, 18:47 PM -
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ill review this one brimestar take some ease off u
#3Brimestar  Jun 25 2005, 18:58 PM -
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thanks pep....All you man smile.gif
#4BaSSiL  Jun 26 2005, 01:37 AM -
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damn i was hoping ud say no problem igot this alright ill go watch it now.. -.-
#5BaSSiL  Jun 26 2005, 03:32 AM -
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STLA (Isen) and Rock (Isen) VS Riki (Rohan) and Shrike (Rohan)

STLA and Rock

frusty.gif Both of you need to build your pits in the back of the base. You both lost your pits because of this....
smile.gif Nice early creeping by Rock
frusty.gif Less workers at lumber mill. Both of you need to build 1-2 and not 5 additional ones. They end up crowding around and basically do nothing.
thumb.gif Both of you know how to use stances... How many games do I see where the people just donít use the stances yet they are so effective.
huh.gif Why get banners so fast? Especially STLA, which had barely any units and still rebuilding his base yet he's placing banners on top of his units...
drol.gif Good use of tainted land and good teamwork drove them back thum.gif
huh.gif I don't see why you kept the keep in your base the whole game even after you had more then plenty of map control and didn't really need it to defend (Rock)
frusty.gif STLA you were so close to balrog then you wasted all your points of useless umm skills... Balrog would of been a lot more effective then vision and the other what nots you got.
u0udiablo.gif Rock your kept getting chewed by legolas at the end of the game and you had a lurts but you did not pin at all... could of just Pinned him and i think even 1 herd of pikes would of killed that legolas easily.
w00t.gif Nice method of sieging the base. Very creative.. i was sitting there hitting my head and thinking why wont you build an siege works in your middle expansion and then I saw your method.

[The] Clan -- Riki and Shrike

thumb.gif Both had good teamwork and harassment with pheasants in the start.
w00t.gif Nice of use of marry to pick of labors but should of hid him as soon as you saw those uruks. mad.gif
smile.gif way to hold map control.
pirate.gif Nice combined rush on STLA. Killed his pit and prevented him from getting any Pikes.
frusty.gif While you were still in his base you went after his furnace when you could of destroyed his armory... (Riki)
thumb.gif Way to get glorious charge quickly Shrike.
smile.gif Way to draw the fight away from the tainted land...
frusty.gif frusty.gif frusty.gif I think this is where you guys screwed up big time. I'm not sure which one of you but one of you had enough money or almost enough for an ent moot but decided for fire arrows. At the time the enemy just had pikes while the other had nothing. I think if you would of build that moot it would have been GG for STLA at least.
frusty.gif Riki your a little to greedy. Just to kill a lurtz you sent all your cavalry into pikes and you didnít even kill the lurtz...
0wn3d.gif At this time, IMO the peasants were a little to late. I would of gone elven warriors with leadership...
WTF.gif Kept sending heroes alone to fight the whole army. It got you pinned a few times and you lost alot of money with these petty attacks.

Game Summery

Rohans started of very well, but then made alot of big mistakes. This gave the opertunity for Isengards to rebuild and eventully it was to late to stop them. Because the game had a fair amount of action and decent micro i give this game...


Brimestar This and http://www.gamereplays.org/community/index...showtopic=17019 are my reviews. You thinkI have enough to try to become a RR or tryout to become a RR or do I need to review more?
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#6Brimestar  Jun 26 2005, 03:58 AM -
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Not a bad review....PM'd to give tips and pointers....

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