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Battle for Middle Earth

2v2 QuickMatch OG Game

#1LATINO  Jun 8 2021, 07:25 AM -

For Val #2
#2ValsaDoom  Aug 1 2021, 13:39 PM -

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What a master display of micro-managing Knights the whole game long in this entertaining replay on patch 1.09 !

Non stop action here, and how cool is that when you're Gandy the grey can mount Shadowfax? We can ask Felix(Gondor left team) who took his Gandy the grey early into action to assist his knights, but then the enthusiasm must of turned into stressful moments when he came face to face with gahvin's (Gondor right team) Gandy the white.

Having 3 Gandys in a 2v2 game means they might meet in a 2 vs 1 conflict, and this is exactly what happened in mid-game near NoLdoR's (only Isengard player right team)castle, who would think, gahvin alone vs two would came out victorious of this fight by killing Bwel's (Gondor left team)Gandy. well done there gahvin! But you manage to do better when enemy Eagles were flying to catch your Gandy level 10! gahvin manage to escape the big mighty birds by running around his own castle while building towers in order to weakens them.

In this replay you're showed what to make and in what order to do it so you can properly attack and defend, the rest is a question of skills and making the right decisions with what you have. I think at some point rushing too much might become no better than camping, NoldoR was on his way to get the Rog and he knew it, by trying in a heist to get it, he may just over done it a little too much, but this is only the feeling I get from watching the replay.

Very close call, very well played by all the players.

Congrats to Felix and Bwel in this excellent game!

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