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Battle for Middle Earth

1.09 even makes 3 Gondor fun

#1Th0rin`  Nov 8 2021, 22:45 PM -
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Nice triple Gondor action vs Mordor Isen Gondor ^^
#2LATINO  Nov 9 2021, 07:50 AM -

Have you seen this BURA @Tristan?
#3Felixanius  Nov 9 2021, 21:20 PM -

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This THorin is scrary!
#4ValsaDoom  Nov 12 2021, 02:32 AM -

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I challenge you to do what these 3 Gondor did Vs a team of 3 great players among which was a Mordor!

I will post review soon.
#5ValsaDoom  Nov 13 2021, 13:57 PM -
Top left Th0rin` playing Gondor
Top mid PvtCowboy playing Gondor
Top right necromancer playing Gondor


Bottom left Karuskas playing Mordor
Bottom mid akselus playing Gondor
Bottom right Fishy playing Isengard

Of the four Gondors none picked land or heal, every good player knows how to be patient, and there is a big difference between patience and doing nothing. These guys were waiting for the right moment, and land might become the most popular flavor, when there is a Mordor and an Isengard in action and furthermore in the same team!

Facing Mordor, the top-team players knew they would need lds asap, so Th0rin` was onto Boromir and PvtCowboy was going fast Faramir, necromancer would take care of early harassment and went Knights.

Karuskas is a well known expert player and being Mordor he knew this was a game his team could easily win, at the slightest mistake of the other team it would be GG. akselus went fast Knights, it was the most logical move, since Fishy would be the man with the terrorizing mighty combos.

necromancer was doing such a nice job at harassing already and the map view became available for all the top team players to see, and since there is no shame in losing vs Mordor, Th0rin` most probably felt like he had noting to lose, so he ventured his Boromir deep in enemy territory, after a second thought maybe he new exactly what he was doing, and at no time the thought of losing Boro came to his mind. So Boromir was protecting the Knights from the trolls, and the Knights were opening the path to Boromir, nice teamwork there from necromancer and Th0rin`!

At this point already, the bottom team players knew this would not be an easy win after all.

necromancer was rushing akselus/Gondor with the support of Bormir from Th0rin` while harassing Fishy, this one was spamming pikes, but necromancer had such a great micro management that he succeeded in accumulating few more PP, every players from the top team had picked Heal over Land first, but not before having the extra 1 PP to get Land if needed be.

All this commotion mostly done by necromancer gave his team the time to settle and so he got the right outpost while PvtCowboy gets the left outpost.

Th0rin` noticed PvtCowboy was taking care of the walking faction, so he could have more fun going Knight like necromancer, too many players going horses vs such a heavy armored MU like Mordor combine to an Isengard could have been suicidal, but don't forget we're talking about necromancer and Th0rin` both expert players.

With Th0rin`'s support from Boromir level 5, PvtCowboy felt like he could take a risk and show his team mates what he can do, and he did exactly what was expecting of him, by rushing Karuskas's camp, bringing even more doubts in the minds of the Bottom team players, this is what his team needed at the time.

Fishy still confident and hungry for blood sent his troops to the rescue, but playing defensively was most probably not what he had in mind when this game started, and to add insult to injury, necromancer who became master in harassment in this game was already feeding on his camp while he was gone. Defense defense defense!! (more pikes... so frustrating)

Now Th0rin` and necromancer had almost simultaneously a GTW. 2 Gandy on the battlefield, now that is something that brings down you're horses pouet pouet pouet pouet....

Fishy who had enough of playing defensively were on march for a crusade up North on the right part of the map, but PvtCowboy and Th0rin` were ready for a second round on Karuskas's camp, and so Fishy was contrain to return to the rescue of his team-mate, going defense-mode again! Pissed and hungry for blood he scared them off and took down the left outpost in his rage.

In a haste Th0rin` decided to built a work siege before it would be too late, while PvtCowboy built a statue in his camp preparing them selves to play defensively for the first time since the start, the wind seemed to have turned.

But when an entire team is led by rage, sometimes the result is not what's expected.
PvtCowboy and Th0rin` succeeded in pushing back the offensive of the bottom team, with nice usage of trebs from Th0rin` and so many rangers from Pvt assisted by both their Gandys while necromancer was still harassing the bottom team with a 3rd Gandy.
For the moment the good side of this story for the Bottom team, is that they managed to bring the battle a little more up North, and they took control of the left outpost, akselus had statue and well built there.

PvtCowboy and Th0rin` brought all they had at that outpost and before they could do irreversible damages Fishy cast Rain and his team got back into rage mode, his combos leveled-up on the spot and went forward towards PvtCowboy's camp again, Karuskas got careless and sent his Witch-King a little too much a head of the riot and without second thought both Gandy present used Istari light, good night WK! But that did not stop the mad crowd PvtCowboy was in trouble and if he had to fall, that could be meaning the end for the Top team, but where is necromancer? He is taking out the left outpost, so the enemy can't have a place to regain forces anymore, but not to worry his 2 team-mates are holding-on, and things went south for the bottom team when again in a tumultuous used of Istari Light both Gandy gave a good night kiss to akselus's Gandy.

With no more rest area, the bottom team's units ran every where like headless chickens, Th0rin` had so many PP, summoning Eagles and with the help of necromancer's Roherrims in addition to all he already had, was the beginning of the end for Karuskas who lost most of his camp on this last assault, saved at the last minute by akselus who had sent Eagles to stop the demolition in progress all the while rushing necromancer's camp which was left unattended, but this one had already 2 outpost... -got the wrong Gondor camp my friend!

Still not ready to let go of the assault on Karuskas's camp the top team players sent everything they had on the PP menu and so it was Th0rin`'s turn to summoned the Roherrims, but Fishy was back to defend again his Mordor partner, and this time he had Saruman who died the minute he got spotted, but Lurtz level 1, yes still level 1 that late in the game but who cares for this one did his job and manage to pinned down Th0rin`'s Gandy level 10 please, but not before this one made use of his Word of Power, sending to the warp zone most of Fishy's combos, and just a second before this Gandy ran out of life, Heal was ready to save him, While necromancer was summoning Eagles to finish the job, Good night Karuskas!

Then Fishy quit, and akselus still entirely focused on trying to destroy the wrong camp, went to bed at his turn, Good night bottom team!

Again the team-work and the fast action and decisions of one team who did all the right moves, succeeded in dominating a team with a better balanced MU, nobody played bad here, very few mistakes made the difference.

Lose with Honor, win with Glory!

MVP was Th0rin`

Congratulations to Th0rin`, PvtCowboy and necromancer for their Victory!
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