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Battle for Middle Earth

Crazy game in Eastfold

#1Dunedain`  Jan 4 2022, 22:04 PM -

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#2gahvin  Jan 5 2022, 14:19 PM -
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nice game, i need rog lessons
#3ValsaDoom  Jan 6 2022, 03:05 AM -
Top left Karuskas playing Rohan
Bottom left gahvin playing Isengard


Top right Bwel playing Gondor
Bottom right ABDe (aka Dunedain)playing Isengard

Once upon a time there was 2 laborers walking across goblins territory, 1 died 1 walked away. Why sending 1 and fail when you can send 2 and succeed? At the very start of this game Karuskas offered a mill to gahvin, but that mill was on the other side from a goblins' lair, but that was no problem for gahvin, if you never played FOD on this map, pay attention while watching this replay, many tricks revealed.

After having a decent start, Karuskas found himself marauding in enemy territory with 2 sets of peasants level 2, then Bwel decided that this lover boy should learn not to mess in the wrong turf and sent mighty Nights to take care of business, right after killing Merry they charged on the peasants, but Karuskas had no intention to feed the enemy and sent his units to die from the hand of the cave troll nearby.

2 Isengard, 2 very different strategies, Dunedain went fast Wargs, then armory, Heroes can wait, while gahvin went fast Lurtz then Saruman, and only after having both Heroes on the field, decided to make armory and Huruk pit.

Karuskas had Roherrims mostly RA, and called for duty Eomer and Teo, then got Armory and Archery after, while Bwel had no Heroes like his team-mate, but with only 2 sets of knights full ups he managed to make a lot with not much, his goal is to get enough $ and PP for GTW.

Once Dunedain had what he wanted he deleted armory and got a siege works and Both Heroes were called for duty, and while he was preparing to battle, his mirror opponent(gahvin) was already half way to his front doors.

War was declared sooner then expected and Bwel had to call Faramir and Boromir for duty, Gandy will have to wait, and on this first fight both Saruman were sent to bed.

Archery was not yet level 2 when Karuskas had the bad idea of playing with fire to close from Dunedain's base and got his Eomer pinned down by Lurtz, good night Eomer!
Then Bwel tough the war was already won and had his Boromir celebrating carelessly, Karukas took him out as a sign of retaliation, with no mercy.

With enough cash at the bank, Bwel called GTG for duty, this is one cool option you get when playing on patch 1.09, Gandy always comes with his horse.

Then at the middle outpost gahvin with pikes-combos Saruman and Lurtz assisted by Karuskas's Eomer+Teo+Roherrims and RA with no fire decided to take head on Dunedain's combos+ballistas+Saruman+Lurtz assisted by Bwel's knights+Boromir+Faramir+GTG, many Heroes were sent to bed early, GTG became GTW then dodos, Faramir GN, Boromir GN, Saruman GN both Saruman Good Night! The right team had to back-off, Dunedain will sent more ballistas later and sent Lurtz to bed, sorry gahvin.

But before the right team could capitalized and take back the mid-outpost, Karukas summoned the Ents and attacked Bwel's castle, the goal was to destroy this citadel at all cost before GTW gets out, but too late Gandy was already back and ready for action. The citadel went down anyway, but Gandy had a good breakfast and gets level 7. All the while Dunedain was rushing Karuskas's castle bringing the citadel down.

Then at the next major confrontation, Karukas though he could get vengeance and sent all his troops with G/C against Dunedain who was comming for him again from the northern path, but Saruman used worm-tongue and all Roherrims became his, minutes later Dunedain finally made it to Rohan's castle, walls were still down but the Roherrims were back and G/C was called-on again, Dunedain made a U-turn back home and Karuskas lost most of his army to the Rog emerging from Hell, Good night Teo, Good night Eomer!

While Karuskas had one knee on the ground, Bwel sent his Gandy with knights to make some damages but surprisingly only the knights were at the rendez-vous, oups! Gandy was stuck at the customs, gahvin had Lurts pinned him down. But Bwel manage to escape.

After Dunedain it was gahvin's turn to get the Rog and since he had no expansion point Bwel was the target, Eagles and Gandy gave all they had and before the last structure got down (a well) the Rog was sent to bed, Gandy gets level 9! Well done Bwel in keeping your cool blood, many would have gone panic-mode!

After a Rog comes an other Rog then an other Rog, and this time it was Dunedain again, he took most of Karuskas castle down, but this one had AOD and used it to defend, this is no good sign... and when he saw Gandy comming for him, knowing Bwel must have had AOD too, it was game over.

Lose with honor, win with Glory!

MVP=ABDe (aka Dunedain)
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