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Battle for Middle Earth

2v2 Major Championship Finals [3rd]

#1Fishy  Nov 19 2021, 23:11 PM -
This is 3rd game of 2v2 Major Championship Finals.

#2ValsaDoom  Nov 22 2021, 02:54 AM -

Top left Rohan/Yoshi
Bottom left Gondor/akselus


Top right Rohan/Dunedain`
Bottom right Mordor/Fishy

Recently a small survey was made on which would be the best match up and clearly Rohan/Mordor came out on top, details here thx to Yoshi btw.

This replay is a nice example of that, now having the best MU does not guaranty you victory, you need to give a little bit of effort and good will in it, like Dunedain` did.

Rohan/Yoshi did Roherrims Teo and Aragorn and also had the middle camp, nice effort and initiative.
Gondor/akselus had early Boromir and then Faramir, managed to leveled them up fast, and went ahead in the game, then he saved $$ and got GTG, then archers and rangers, and then Trebs.

Things were going fine for the left team and the right team had to adjust their game plan accordingly.

Mordor/Fishy did his routine, SH then Troll-cage and after having some drummers he got the WK and gave 1 of his mill's spot to his team-mate, he never made cata until the enemy brought trebs on the field, now what do you call that? Gentleman?
Rohan/Dunedain` had Roherrims no combos to assist the drummers and so he decided to waste some $$ on Legolas, now Legolas could be a very bad idea, but right now he knew what the enemy had, 1 of em just spent 2K on a camp and the other 6K on GTG so their units were most probably naked and level 1, easy snack for a hungry Lego.

With so much success with Lego including killing Gandy, his mirror opponent Rohan/Yoshi tried to do the same and called Lego for duty, but this one never made it to level 2 and was sent to bed early.

Dunedain` accumulated PP faster then any with his Lego, and before you knew it he had AOD, then the other team pulled the plug.

Lose with Honor, win with Glory!

MVP is Dunedain`
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